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other study groups are planned.

Pollock Halls, University of Edinburgh
6th - 9th April 1999

The ESGI (European Study Group with Industry) is Europe's leading workshop for interaction between mathematicians and industry.

These week-long workshops have been held annually since 1968 (originally as the Oxford Study Groups with Industry) and attract leading mathematicians to work on industrial (in a broad sense) problems.

In the past, problem areas have included processes amenable to modelling by continuum mechanics, for instance involving heat and mass transfer, fluid flow, granular materials, electric fields, ranging to financial-derivative pricing, and housing strategies, but in principal there are no limitations to the types of mathematics used, or problem areas to be tackled, by these workshops.

They have also served to establish links between university mathematics departments and industry.

Further details, some information about other study groups, and the possibility of notification of interest are available electronically or you may contact the Study Group chairman:

Professor Andrew Lacey
Department of Mathematics
Heriot-Watt university
Riccarton, Edinburgh
EH14 4AS
Tel. 0131-451 3228; Fax 0131-451 3249
email A.A.Lacey@ma.hw.ac.uk

The other members of the organising committee are:

Dr John Byatt-Smith					Dr Gail Duursma
Department of Mathematics and Statistics		School of Chemical Engineering
University of Edinburgh					University of Edinburgh
King's Buildings					King's Buildings
Mayfield Road, Edinburgh				Mayfield Road, Edinburgh
EH9 3JZ							EH9 3JL
Tel. 0131-650 5036; Fax 0131-650 6553			Tel. 0131-650 4868; Fax 0131-650 6551
email: byatt@maths.ed.ac.uk				email: gail@chemeng.ed.ac.uk

Enquiries specifically about accommodation should be directed to Dr Byatt-Smith.

The 35th European Study Group with Industry will take place at Odense University. Other Study Groups are planned for the next year.

Information on other recent European Study Groups with Industry is available:

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