25th North British Mathematical Physics Seminar and 10th anniversary of the Edinburgh Mathematical Physics Group

The 25th meeting of the North British Mathematical Physics Seminar will be held on Wednesday 30 September 2009 at the e-Science Institute in Edinburgh.

Lunch at e-Science Institute
Christian Sämann (Heriot-Watt)
Marginal Deformations and 3-Algebra Structures
The recently proposed ABJM and BLG models for an effective description of stacks of M2-branes share many features with N=4 super Yang-Mills theory. In this talk, we discuss conformal invariance and marginal deformations of these models. We present perturbative results at two loops and confirm facts conjectured earlier in the literature.
Kirill Krasnov (Nottingham)
Deformations of General Relativity
I will explain that it is possible to deform General Relativity (in a continuous way) into a (metric) theory that still has just two propagating degrees of freedom, explain why this is possible in spite of uniqueness theorems, and then explain what I think it all means, and why it might be interesting
Ian Marquette (York)
Superintegrability with higher order integrals of motion
All quantum superintegrable systems separable in Cartesian coordinates with a third order integral are known. Some of these superintegrable Hamiltonians involve Painlev� transcendents. We discuss their polynomial algebras and a relation between these Hamiltonians and supersymmetric quantum mechanics. We discuss how ladder operators and supersymmetry can be used to generate new superintegrable systems with higher order integrals of motion
James Barnard (Durham)
Seiberg Duality with Gauge Singlets
Seiberg duality is a powerful tool in N=1 SUSY gauge theories. I will review this duality and some of its extensions, highlighting the difficulties involved in trying to generalise the idea to more realistic gauge theories. I will then show how some of these obstacles can be overcome by introducing gauge singlets to the theories. This talk will be based on the recent article arXiv:0903.1313v1 [hep-th].
Drinks at e-Science Institute to celebrate 10th anniversary of EMPG

Registration and Practical Information

To attend the meeting, please register on the e-Science Institute registration page. If you have further questions please e-mail Bernd Schroers. Limited funds are available to help with travel expenses of participants with no other source of funding. We hope that this will encourage postgraduate students and postdocs to attend the meeting. Please book early to take advantage of the cheaper train fares!

The e-Science Institute is located south of Princess Street and an easy 15 minute walk from Waverley station. A map and travel information can be obtained here .

Train information can be obtained from here.

Lunch, tea and coffee, and post-seminar drinks will be provided free of charge.

Postscript: The meeting took place successfully on 30 September 2009. Click here to view a list of people who took part.

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