Eighth Meeting of the North British Mathematical Physics Seminar

The eighth meeting of the North British Mathematical Physics Seminar will be held on 14 February 2004 at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Edinburgh.

For a printable programme click on one of the following links: PostScript or PDF.

Scientific Programme

Michela Petrini (Tours)
G-structures and N=1 solutions
Gary Gibbons (Cambridge)
Consistent reductions form higher dimensions in gravity and supergravity theories
Chong-sun Chu (Durham)
Colliding Plane Waves in String Theory
Simon Philip (Edinburgh)
Homogeneous geodesics in spacetime and the Penrose limit

Practical Information

Travel information to get to the ICMS can be obtained here . The ICMS is located in the Edinburgh New Town and it is a pleasant 15-20 minute walk from Waverley station. The following map shows both Waverley station (near the lower right hand corner) and the ICMS (in the red circle).

Train information can be obtained from Railtrack.

Tea, coffee and biscuits and a sandwich lunch will be provided free of charge.

Limited funds are available to help with travel expenses of participants with no other source of funding. We hope that this will encourage postgraduate students and postdocs to attend the meeting. Please email Bernd Schroers in advance if you would like to apply for support. And please book early to take advantage of the cheaper train fares.

Postscript: The meeting took place successfully on 14 February 2004. Click here to view a list of people who took part.

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