Refining a Parallel Algorithm For Calulating Bowings

Cordelia Hall, Hans-Wolfgang Loidl, Phil Trinder, Kevin Hammond, and John O'Donnell
Glasgow Functional Programming Workshop, Ullapool, September 1997.

String players know that bowing properly is the hardest skill they have to learn. In other work [FH97], we develop an algorithm that calculates bowings for BowTech, a project that supports string performers. This algorithm takes a significant amount of time to execute (in our second test case, an hour for the implementation, written in Ada). We have implemented a parallel version of the algorithm in GpH, a parallel superset of Haskell, and measured the quality of output on size pieces of music. The parallel program has been refined using the GranSim simulator and measured on two parallel architectures: a shared memory multiprocessor and a network of workstations.

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