The Multi-Architecture Performance of the Parallel Functional Language GpH

Philip W. Trinder, Hans-Wolfgang Loidl, Ed. Barry Jr., M. Kei Davis, Kevin Hammond, Ulrike Klusik, Simon L. Peyton Jones, Alvaro J. Rebon Portillo
``Euro-Par 2000 --- Parallel Processing'', Munich, Germany, 29.8.-1.9. 2000. LNCS 1900, pp. 739-743. Springer-Verlag.

In principle, functional languages promise straightforward architecture-independent parallelism, because of their high level description of parallelism, dynamic management of parallelism and deterministic semantics. However, these language features come at the expense of a sophisticated compiler and/or runtime-system. The problem we address is whether such an elaborate system can deliver acceptable performance on a variety of parallel architectures. In particular we report performance measurements for the GUM runtime-system on eight parallel architectures, including massively parallel, distributed-memory, shared-memory and workstation networks.

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