(PHP 5 CVS only)

mysqli_execute -- Executes a prepared Query


int mysqli_execute ( resource stmt)

The mysqli_execute() function executes a query that has been previously prepared using the mysqli_prepare() function represented by the stmt resource. When executed any parameter markers which exist will automatically be replaced with the appropriate data.

If the statement is UPDATE, DELETE, or INSERT, the total number of affected rows can be determined by using the mysqli_stmt_affected_rows() function. Likewise, if the query yields a result set the mysqli_fetch() function is used.

Note: When using mysqli_execute(), the mysqli_fetch() function must be used to fetch the data prior to preforming any additional queries.

Example 1. Using the mysqli_execute function

/* Open a connection */
$link = mysqli_connect("localhost", "user", "pass");
/* Turn on autocommit */
mysqli_autocommit($link, true);
/* Prepare an insert statement */
$query = "INSERT INTO mytable VALUES(?, ?)";
$stmt = mysqli_prepare($link, $query);
$value_one = "hello";
$value_two = "world";
mysqli_bind_param($link, $value_one, $value_two);
/* Execute the statement */
/* Return the affected rows for the statement */
$affected_rows = mysqli_stmt_affected_rows($stmt);
/* Close the statement */
"The total affected rows was $affected_rows";

See also mysqli_prepare() and mysqli_bind_param().