"Faces of Mathematics" penetrates the esoteric world of University mathematics research and presents the human side of this most austere and challenging area of modern science. Focussing on the personalities of twenty influential mathematicians, the exhibition features large-format black and white portraits, taken by the photographer Marc Atkins. Alongside each of the portraits, a text-based display panel conveys the subject's research interests and personal viewpoint on mathematics, and a video loop shows the subject in conversation about their own research and other mathematical ideas.

To see a larger portrait image, and to find out more about the individual subjects, click on a small image above.

Information on the philosophy and practice behind Faces of Mathematics.

The Faces of Mathematics exhibition was recently on show at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, and you can see some images of that exhibition.

Marc Atkins (photography & video production) has lived and worked in Europe and North America and has exhibited extensively including London, Paris, Rome and New York. His work has been published in books and magazines worldwide, and features in both private and public collections, including the National Portrait Gallery, London. More information about Marc Atkins' photography and other artwork can be found here.

Nick Gilbert (Project coordinator) is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. He regularly publishes research work in group theory and topology, and has a particular interest in the public understanding of mathematics. He is a London Mathematical Society Holgate Lecturer.

For more information about the Faces of Mathematics project, about Marc Atkins' work, or about the public understanding of mathematics, please contact:

Marc Atkins
(Photography and Video Production)
Phone/Fax: 020 7791 1898
Mobile: 07966 178116
Email: panoptika@appleonline.net

Nick Gilbert
(Project Co-ordinator)
Department of Mathematics, Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton, Edinburgh EH14 4AS.
Phone: 0131 451 3718
Fax: 0131 451 3249
Email: nick@ma.hw.ac.uk

  Faces of Mathematics is funded by a 'Partnership in Public Understanding Award' from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. http://www.epsrc.ac.uk.