Welcome to PlanSIG 2013!

Photo of Edinburgh Castle courtesy of Edinburgh Inspiring Capital, http://www.edinburgh-inspiringcapital.com/

The 31st PlanSIG workshop will be held at the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

The PlanSIG workshop is (usually) a yearly forum where academics, industrialists, and research students can meet and discuss current issues in an informal setting. We especially aim to bring together researchers attacking different aspects of planning and scheduling problems, and to introduce new researchers to the community. In recent years the SIG has attracted an international gathering, and we continue to welcome contributions from around the world.

Why is the workshop called PlanSIG 2013 when it takes place in 2014? A number of people have asked why we're calling the workshop PlanSIG 2013, rather than PlanSIG 2014. In the past, the workshop has taken place in December, which was the original plan in this case. However, due to various scheduling constraints, we decided it was best to run the workshop in January. We also decided to keep calling the workshop PlanSIG 2013 and leave open the the possibility that the next workshop might again be held in December. Apologies if this has caused any confusion. :-)

PlanSIG 2013 is now over. Thanks to everyone who participated or helped with the workshop!


We would particularly like to thank SICSA and the JAMES Project for their support of this year's PlanSIG.

SICSA - The Scottish Informatics & Computer Science Alliance

JAMES - Joint Action for Multimodal Embodied Social Systems