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Conference paper

Modeling an Agent's Incomplete Knowledge during Planning and Execution, F. Bacchus and R. Petrick, Proceedings of the International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR 1998), pages 432-443, 1998.

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In many domains agents must be able to generate plans even when faced with incomplete knowledge of their environment. We provide a model to capture the evolution of the agent's knowledge as it engages in the activities of planning (where the agent must attempt to infer the effects of hypothesized actions) and execution (where the agent must update its knowledge to reflect the actual effects of actions). The effects (on the agent's knowledge) of a planned sequence of actions are very different from the effects of an executed sequence of actions, and one of the aims of this work is to clarify this distinction. The work is also aimed at providing a model that is not only rigorous but can also be of use in developing planning systems.

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