Media coverage

The JAMES project and its consortium members have been featured in a number of media contexts discussing the project and its results. A selection of videos, audio excerpts, and articles are linked below.
Note: the JAMES project is not responsible for content on external websites.


Video Jan de Ruiter's interview with the BBC (2013-09-19).

Video Mary Ellen Foster was interviewed about the JAMES project at the 2012 SICSA DEMOfest and appeared in the highlights video (2012-11-06).

Audio Jan de Ruiter, Manuel Giuliani, and Sebastian Loth appeared in nano, a public German science video magazine (2013-01-30).

Video Slate featured both a video and an article about the JAMES project.

Video Kerstin Huth took part in FameLab Germany, discussing her JAMES-related research: Wie man ein Bier bestellt.


Video Jan de Ruiter's interview with WGN 720 Radio in Chicago, USA (2013-09-26).

Audio A podcast and short article about JAMES appeared in Scientific American (2013-09-23).


Print The JAMES project was listed in the journal Frontier's 2013 Highlights, with links to articles that appeared in The Telegraph and on CNN (2014-01-17).

Print Sebastian Loth's email interview with Frontiers, which included links to articles on JAMES in The Huffington Post, The Week, and GizMag (2014-01-06).

Print Gabriele Paschek and Kerstin Huth were featured in articles in local German newspapers, including Wolfsburger Nachrichten (2011-03-16).

Print The JAMES robot took part in Robots on Tour in Zurich, Switzerland (2013).