Ron Petrick's Webpages


I regularly teach courses in the Department of Computer Science at Heriot-Watt University's Edinburgh Campus, usually at Year 3 and MSc level. Until March 2023, I was recently the Programme Director for the MSc Artificial Intelligence (1 Year) programme (September, January) and the MSc Artificial Intelligence (2 Year) programme (September, January). I also supervise 4th year Honours projects, MSc projects, and Master Class projects. (If you are interested in doing a PhD with me, please check my supervising page.)


In the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year, I will be a Course Coordinator and lecturers for two Semester 1 courses:

  • F29AI - Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents
  • F29SO - Software Engineering
  • Until recently, I was also the Coordinator of the 3rd Year Computer Science Group Project at the Edinburgh Campus, which is run concurrently with F29SO - Software Engineering and F29PD - Professional Development.

    4th Year Honours and MSc Projects

    I also regularly supervise students during their 4th Year Honours Projects (F20PA, F20PB, and F20PC) and MSc Projects (F21RP and F21MP), usually on topics related to artificial intelligence. I am particularly interested in projects that align with my research interests (notably automated planning, knowledge representation and reasoning, and cognitive robotics) and that have connections to applications like games and robotics. I am also happy to supervise self-proposed projects. Recent project topics have included:

    • Combining machine learning and automated planning
    • Creativity in artificial intelligence
    • Attitudes towards artificial intelligence in society
    • Plan-based artificial intelligence and games
    • Proactive human-AI collaborative planning
    • Plan-based explainability in artificial intelligence systems
    • Interactive user interfaces for automated planning

    If you are a student and are interested in working with me on a project, please feel free to contact me. (Internal Heriot-Watt students should check the Project System for a list of my current projects.)

    Software Engineering Master Class

    I also regularly supervise students in F21SM - Software Engineering Master Class. Recent Master Class topics have included:

    • Combining symbolic decision making with machine learning
    • Ethics and artificial intelligence in software development
    • Explainable artificial intelligence and explainable planning
    • Societal attitudes towards artificial intelligence in software engineering

    I am also happy to supervise self-proposed topics related to many areas of artificial intelligence. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas.