April 2010 - March 2013

Heriot-Watt Principle Investigator: Dr A. Burger

This project is part of the European Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) FP7 project. RICORDO will research and prototype a communal ontology-based annotation and repository communication strategy that supports the interoperability of VPH data and models across different biological scales.


A new community standard for the representation of multiscale biological entities will be developed and integrated into the VPH Toolkit development strategy. The medical relevance of such an advance resides in:

  1. the use of a coherent multi-scale anatomy standard to refer to any body structure or location regardless of scale (an aspect that is also of relevance to electronic health record keeping and Clinical Document Architecture standards), and
  2. the demonstration of an interoperability plan to connect patient specific radiological images to mathematical models of physiology, as well as to disease-related genomic and molecular data.

Further details can be found at the main Ricordo Project site.

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