Verified Software:

Theories, Tools and Experiments

16th-19th August


Edinburgh, Scotland


Industrial morning

“Things like even software verification, this has been the Holy Grail of computer science for many decades but now in some very key areas, for example, driver verification we’re building tools that can do actual proof about the software and how it works in order to guarantee the reliability."

Bill Gates, 2002

As part of VSTTE 2010, an “Industrial Morning” will be held which takes place on Monday August 16th. Attendance of this event will include:

  1. Hearing a keynote presentation by Tom Ball (Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research, Redmond) on their latest research and development with regards to verifying synchronous aspects of core Windows components.

  2. Visiting the tool vendor and industrial stands that are associated with VSTTE 2010.

  3. Meeting delegates over a buffet lunch.

Registration for the “Industrial Morning” is through Eventbrite.

“The scope of software in the modern world is unprecedented. Software is now woven into artifacts such as telephones, cars, and planes; it governs the infrastructure for systems in communication, air traffic control, and banking. Faulty software contributes to the unreliability of the products in which it is embedded and is a source of significant recurring costs and delivery delays.


The Verified Software Initiative (VSI) outlines a program of research spanning fifteen years with the goal of establishing the viability of verification as a core technology for developing reliable software.”

Verified Software Initiative Manifesto 2009

C.A.R. HOARE Microsoft Research

JAYADEV MISRA The University of Texas at Austin

GARY T. LEAVENS Iowa State University


"Conferences like VSTTE are essential to bring together the teams of many talents

that are needed to realize the vision of zero defect software."

Sir Tony Hoare, 2010 (Turing Award winner)