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Web Intelligence (F21WI2)

    AB:     Albert Burger

  DC:     David Corne   

  LG:     Lilia Georgieva


Week beginning

Monday  09:15 EMG44

Tuesday 1715 EM170/EM250


12th Sep



19th Sep



26th Sep


 DC Lecture slides (assignment within)  The paper for the assignement

 DC hands out Assignment 1 (35% of module)

3rd Oct


 DC lecture slides  (assignment within)

And  paper for assignment

 DC hands out Assignment 2 (7.5% of module)

10th Oct



 DC hands out Assignment 3 (7.5% of module)

17th Oct



24th Oct



31st Oct



Handin for Assignment 2 (Friday 11:59pm)

7th Nov


DC slides

(last slide is assignment 3)

examinable reading: the google paper


14th Nov



Web Communities and Cultural Models  slides 

examinable reading: sections 1, 2 and 3 of the Nomura paper; recommended reading  cultural domains   globalization etc

  Handin for Assignment 1 (Friday 11:59pm)

21st Nov



 Handin for Assignment 3 (Friday 11:59pm)

28th Nov

 LG – revision lecture


 The Last DC lecture, about Text Mining – the examinable reading paper


Feel   free to email any of us at any time about any query regarding the lecture material – you will appreciate that you may rarely get an immediate reply, but we will try to get back to you as soon as possible, and arrange meetings to discuss issues where necessary.

General Notes on Course Delivery

Handing in Assignments

Always EMAIL your assignments as follows:

Helpful information
This is still to be updated, but is a page I prepared with information relating to the exam, at a time when there were no previous papers.