6th-9th April 2009

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland

Symposium (Tuesday 7th April):

Evolutionary Systems

Call for Papers


Evolutionary computation is now well established in both research and practice as a highly effective approach in solving a substantial range of problems in science and industry. But this success has raised more questions than answers, and evolutionary computation now covers an immense range of techniques and applications, with subfields of research opening up with each new challenge thrown up by applicatons and/or by hybridisation with other techniques. Some current frontiers of evolutionary computation research include, for example, large-scale systems, multiobjective optimisation, bioscience applications, dynamic problems, and many more.

This Symposium seeks papers interested in any aspect of Evolutonary Computing; there is a broad focus on large scale systems and applications, but any good quality research and/or case study involving evolutionary computation will be within scope.  




Jonathan Mwaura and Ed Keedwell,  Adaptive Gene Expression Programming Using a Simple Feedback Heuristic

Yu-Hsin Liu, The Effects of Initial Solution Generators under GA Framework for the Heterogeneous Probabilistic TSP

Ed Keedwell and Ajit Narayanan, Gene Expression Classification using Multi-Objective Ensembles

Feijoo Colomine Duran, Carlos Cotta, Antonio J. Fernández, On the Use of Sharpe's Index in Evolutionary Portfolio Optimization Under Markowitz's Model

Andrei Petrovski, John McCall, Multi-Objective Optimization of Cancer Chemotherapy Using Swarm Intelligence

Noel-Ann Bradshaw, Christopher Walshaw, A Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Portfolio Optimization

There will be two additional talks from local researchers investigating issues in evolutionary computation




The AISB'09 Convention has several distinguished keynote speakers. We are delighted to announce that the Keynote Speaker associated with this symposium will be Dr David Fogel, Natural Selection Inc. His talk on the evening of April 7th will also be part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2009 talk series.


We are seeking submissions of original papers that fit well with the symposium theme and topics. Papers should be no more than 6 pages in length in the AISB convention format - see below. Papers should be submitted via email to with the subject line "AISB09 Symposium Submission". At least one author of each accepted paper will be required to register and attend the symposium to present their work.

All papers from the AISB convention will be published in the AISB proceedings, with an ISBN number. Authors of papers must sign a copyright declaration (to follow). However, this declaration is not exclusive - it gives AISB the right to publish the paper, but does not prevent the author from publishing it in other venues.

In addition,  **Submitted papers will be considered for a special issue of Natural Computing** ;  after you submit to AISB via the system above, if you wish to be considered for invitation to submit an extended version for the Natural Computing Special Issue, let the symposium organisers (below) know. Invitations for this will be made in early March, with a deadline at  end of May..


The schedule involves an intense review process over 9 days, for which we and a community of referees are prepared, however please try to submit earlier than March 1st if you can.

1st March 2009 : Submission deadline.

Tuesday 10th March: latest date for notification sent to authors.

Tuesday 17th March:: Camera read copies due

6-7 April 2009: Symposium

Symposium Co-Chairs

David Corne,

Pierluigi Frisco,

Alan Reynolds,