Cool Emacs Packages

This is a list of emacs packages that I have found to be very useful. For each package a short description, with installation instructions and pointers to documentation is given. They have been tested with emacs-21.1.

Documentation on getting started with emacs.

The information below is out-of-date. The links to web pages might still be useful.

A collection of these useful packages is available in the file cool.el. Just add

(setq load-path 
      (cons "/net/azdak/dsg/local/share/emacs/site-lisp" load-path))
(load "cool")
to your .emacs file to get them all (you don't have to got through the individual installations for every package on this page, but have a look at the short description given there). To customise the behaviour of this module, check the section on customising. If you have problems using this module, check the section on troubleshooting.



If you don't want all of the features in cool.el you can set the variable hwl-enable-list to a list of those features you want to have, ignoring the rest. This line must appear before loading the module. For example, if you only want to enable the LaTeX related features use the following code:

(setq hwl-enable-list '(preview-latex reftex tex-site))

(setq load-path 
      (cons "/net/azdak/dsg/local/share/emacs/site-lisp" load-path))
(load "cool")

You can find the names of all packages to be used in this list under the Key field of the descriptions above.


The module has been tested with emacs-21.1. It should definitely work if you use only this file on startup, and you can test this by calling:

emacs -nw -q --eval "(progn (setq load-path (cons \"/net/azdak/dsg/local/share/emacs/site-lisp\" load-path))(load \"cool\"))"

If this gives you error messages, send me a bug report.

If you have problems using this module it is most likely a conflict with some other package you have loaded. To locate the problem have a look into the buffer *HWL emacs startup* where you will find log messages, listing the enabled packages etc. From how far the startup got you should be able to figure out where the conflict arose.

Another useful thing to do is to enable elisp debugging in your .emacs file. You can do this by adding the following line at the beginning of your .emacs:

(setq debug-on-error t)


Hans-Wolfgang Loidl
Last modified: Tue Jun 21 17:22:36 2011