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Bird Related Information.
News and information for everything to do with birds and ornithology.

The Robert Gordon University.

Scratchy's Home page. (Experimental.)
Some guides to NE Scotland family history and geanology

University of Aberdeen.

University of Wales, Aberystwyth (UWA).
Information about the University in both English and Welsh.

Armagh Observatory. (Experimental.)
Current activities at and history of Armagh Observatory. Links to astronomical resources.
  • Armagh Planetarium. Planetarium Activities, astronomy and a tourist guide to the city and district of Armagh.

S-COM Computer Systems Engineers Ltd.
Job opportunities available from S-COM CSE, the Computer Recruitment Agency. Specialists in Telecoms and Defence markets

Centre for Alternative Technology.
Description of the Centre's activities, including its exhibition and visitor centre, residential courses, publications and mail-order service.

The School of Ocean Sciences.
Introduction to the Ocean Sciences, the Menai Strait, the undergrad and post grad courses, research facilities.

University of Wales, Bangor.

IBM United Kingdom Ltd.

BIDS (Bath Information & Data Services).
General information about BIDS - a provider of bibliographic data services. (Part of the University of Bath).

BUBL Bulletin Board for Libraries Information Service.

Future Publishing.
  • FutureNet. Information on computing, music, crafts and the other subsjects covered by Future's 34 magazines.
    • .net. The new directory to the electronic world.
    • Amiga Format. Magazine about Amiga computers.
    • Amiga Power. A magazine with attitude for Amiga owners.
    • Amiga Shopper. Non-games magzine about Amiga computers.
    • Amstrad Action. Magzine about Amstrad computers.
    • CD-ROM Today. Multimedia magazine for PC owners.
    • Commodore Format. For Commodore 8-bit computer owners.
    • Edge. Brings you the future of interactive entertainment.
    • GamesMaster. Covers all computer and console formats games.
    • MacFormat. For Macintosh owners.
    • PC Answers. A magazine devoted to PC's for home, work, creative applications, playing games or teaching kids.
    • PC Attack. Unstoppable PC games magazine.
    • PC Format. aims to represent and celebrate the arcane pleasure that can be wrung from exploiting your PC to its limit.
    • PC Gamer. Games oriented PC magazine.
    • PC Plus. The complete PC user's magazine.
    • ST Format. Magazine for Atari ST owners.
    • Sega Power. Covering everything from Master System, through Megadrive and even up to Saturn.
    • Ultimate Future Games. Magazine dedicated to the next generation of consoles (Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation, 3DO, Nintendo Ultra-64 Atari Jaguar...).

The famous beer company.

Mailbase is the national electronic mailing list service for the UK academic and research community. Access to the archives and memberships of the public lists on the system.

R-cube Systems Limited.

The NISS Information Gateway.
National Information Services and Systems provides information services for the UK Higher Education community

Trinity Systems.
Mail order supplier of Macintosh games, CD-ROMs, educational software and utilities, and PC CD-ROMs.

UKOLN- The UK Office for Library and Information Networking.
Links to various library related services.

University of Bath.

Conservation Volunteers Northern Ireland.
Conservation Opportunities in Northern Ireland.

Genesis Project Ltd.
Information on GPL's services and pointers to the Northern Ireland Home Page with info on what is happening in NI.

Queen's University of Belfast.
Information on the University and information sources inside it.

UNIBOL Ltd. (Developing.)
Provides information on the UNIBOL company, its products and the support services available to customers.

University of Ulster.

Barney's Rubble Internet BBS. (Experimental.)
Music, Raves and general info

Aston University.
Information about the University.

Birmingham City Council. (Experimental.)

Computer Manuals Ltd. (Developing.)
Online bookstore from Europe's largest computer book mail order company.

Computer Manuals Online Bookstore.

Harper Collins.
  • COBUILD. (Developing.) Information about and access to the "Bank of English" langauge corpus and COBUILD dictionaries. COBUILD is attached to the School of English at the UNiversity of Birmingham.

Liberal Democrats.

The University of Birmingham.

Edge & Ellison.
Information and contacts re practice areas and general Edge & Ellison information.

Bytech Systems Ltd.
IBM RS/6000, Intel pc's, Intel multibus, Texas Micro, DEC alpha boards, SCO & Nextstep

University of Bradford. (Experimental.)

Arosa Hotel.
Hotel Tariff and local tourist information for SE Engalnd and 100 country

Brighton Health Care NHS Trust.
Health Care information to users about Brighton Health Care NHS Trust

European Cartoon Arts Network.

    CartooNet stimulates links between cartoon organisations, events, museums and collections, and individual cartoonists and enthusiasts.

Fastnet International Provider Home Page. (Experimental.)

Pavilion Internet PLC.
Information about the Brighton area, Commercial services, On-line Galle

South Coast Scene.
Internet aware buisnesses around the south coast.

University of Brighton.
Information about the University of Brighton

University of Sussex. (Developing.)
Information about the University, its teaching and research facilities. There is also information about to reach the University.

TheAvon Internet Business Park .
comercial internet

BEL Electronic Publishing Associates.
A virtual association which offers a "sand-pit" for trying out novel ideas.

Bristol Channel.
The Media Network for the West of England

Bristol City Council.
Information from the Bristol Economic Development Office about Bristol and services available from the Council.

Partnership in Advanced Computing Technologies (PACT).
PACT is a collaboration between Inmos and the Science Research Foundation (SRF).

Systems Synthesis Ltd. (Experimental.)

University of Bristol.
Information about the University.

University of the West of England.

Brunel University.

B-1000 Radio Brunel.
The student radio station of Brunel University.

Bury St. Edmunds
B-1000 Radio Brunel.
The student radio station of Brunel University.

Sun Microsystems Ltd.
(Main corperate server is in the US at so will be slow from the UK).
  • SunService.
    • SunSolve Online. (Developing.) Information and patches from Sun Microsystems (UK) Customer Services.

ANSA is an Object-based Architecture for Distributed Computing. Information includes summaries of current activities and document abstracts.

Analysys Ltd.
WWW Virtual Library: Communications and Telecommunications, Details of company publications, papers and consultancy.

Anglia Polytechnic University. (Experimental.)
  • ULTRALAB. server of ULTRALAB is a learning technology research centre, of interest to everyone in the learning/teacher training/educational software fields.

TheBritish Computer Society.

CityScape Internet Services Ltd.
Guides to CityScape products, their headquarters and their newletter. Also their pub guide for Cambridge.

GoldSite Europe.
Publisher for other companies WWW info.

Consultants in in symbolic processing, electronic publishing and their applications.

IXI Ltd.
Information on IXI's products and support services.

Jobstream Group PLC.

Learned Information'sLearned InfoNet.
Online and electronic publication information.

Mantis Consultants.

Millennium Facilities Ltd. (Development.)
UK Company Index DIGIPAGES

Olivetti Research Ltd.


One of the main provides of Internet services in the commercial sector.

SRI Cambridge Computer Science Research Centre.
Research in natural language processing and formal verification of hardware and software systems.

Setanta Technology.
"Impress" newsletter about Setanta's production and workflow management.

TABland - the Egozine.
Magazine devoted to non-U.S. pages of interest, with comment.

Unipalm Group PLC.
Information on Unipalm's many network related activities.

University of Cambridge.
Provides access to other information services and information about the University.

World Conservation Monitoring Centre.
Global and regional conservation issues and information.

interNEWS. (Developing.)
NewsBytes Network News

Medical Research Council .

ANT Limited.
Acorn networking specialists. Product information, updates.

Eunet Great Britain.
EUnet GB is the UK arm of the commercial pan-european Internet provider, EUnet. In the UK, EUnet specialises in providing corporate and organisational Internet access.

Higher Educational National Software Archives (HENSA).

Hillside Systems & Berkeley Software Design International (Europe) Ltd.
Technical information and a European order form for the BSD/386 UNIX-like operating system for 386, 486 and Pentium PC's and other related info.

MidKent InterNetwork. (Developing.)
MidKent InterNetwork at Mid-Kent College

University of Kent at Canterbury (UKC).
Information about teaching and research within Computing Science. (Also the UNIX Hensa software archive.)

University of Wales, Cardiff.
University of Wales College Cardiff and the University of Wales College of Medicine.

Macintosh hardware and software vendor

Anglia Polytechnic University.
    Built Environment Research.
    Current research activities regarding the modelling and measurement of the energy and environmental performance of buildings

Information Systems Computing.
Links to course info and information relating student info

Cheshire County Council.(Developing.)

Growth Resourcing Associates Ltd (GRA).
GRA offers frequently updated information about funding sources, UK government and European grant availability to aid business growth throughout the United Kingdom.

University of Essex.

National Council for Educational Technology (NCET).
NCET is an educational charity funded by the Department for Education (UK), to be the national focus of expertise in educational technology. NCET develops and promotes the use of technology in every area of education and training.

Warwick University (WINFO WWW).

Department of Physics. (Developing.)
Overview of department's teaching and research and admissions procedures.

ESRC Macroeconomic Modelling Bureau. (Developing.)

DRC Internet.
Derby based consultancy offering Internet skills and advice to commercial, educational and voluntary organisations.

University of Derby. (Developing.)
Course Details, Multimedia Teaching & Learning, Applied Vision, Research Details, Design Research Centre

DerbyNet is an information network for people in, or interested in, the Derby area.

British Society for Plant Pathology.
Information about BSPP, its aims, meetings programme, publications, journal contents list, membership application.

Natural Environment Research Council.

The University of Abertay Dundee. (Experimental.)
A pilot WWW server at the University of Abertay Dundee (formerly DIT). The UK's newest university.

University of Dundee.

Durham University.
Information about the University and links to other departments.

Internet service provider based in central Scotland.

British Telecom.

Calligrafix. (Experimental.)
Information about the Scottish Borders including tourist info and fishing.

Department of Physics.

Edinburgh - Scotland's Capital City.
An historical and architectural guide to Edinburgh - the Capital City of Scotland.

Edinburgh Mathematical Society. (Developing.)
The principal academic mathematical society in Scotland, with information on meetings programme, journals, etc.

Edinburgh University.
EDINFO - the University of Edinburgh's Information Service

Heriot-Watt University.

Hostels Europe.
A guide to the best youth hostels in Europe. A travel resource for eurailers and other backpackers. 'A backpackers' grapevine on the web'.

Interstellar Systems Ltd. (Operational.)
Unix tools and consultancy

Napier University. (Experimental.)
Napier University WWW server

Research and Intelligence Unit (RIU) of the Scottish Office Education Department.
  • Educational Research in Scotland. Details of research in education in Scotland, both that funded by the Scottish Office Education Department, Research and Intelligence Unit (RIU), and by other agencies

Royal Observatory, Edinburgh.
Information about the Observatory and links to other Astronomy related servers.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh . (Developing.)
Scotland's premier learned society, with information on meetings programme, journals, fellowships, etc.

TweedNet. (Experimental.)
Information about the Scottish Borders including tourist info and fishing.

Union of Jewish Students.

Web 13 Internet Cafe. (Running.)
Cafe news, magazines and starting points for the Internet.

Human Rights Information.
    Broadcasting and Human Rights. (Experimental.)
    Media information from Radio Panik, an independant community radio in Brussels, Belgium, about media and human rights.

Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, Accounting Information Service.
The "Summa" Project. This is the site of a World Wide Web information server for Accounting Academics, students and professionals.

Uniras UK User Group (UUUG).
UUUG Conferences and Journals, Uniras Frequently Asked Questions Links to Uniras and AVS resources.

University of Exeter. (Experimental.)

Zynet Ltd. (Experimental.)
Zynet commercial and Exeter local information, plus educational links.

Information Providers Limited.
Details of activities and products of the companies within the DMR Information and Technology Group.

Society for Experimental Biology.
A European Society covering all areas of biology.

University of Glasgow.
Links to information services at the University.

U.K. Resources - Film and Television.
Sources for the film and television production industry.

Stormy Waters.
Stormy Waters, presented by the NVA organization, is a huge open-air extravaganza taking place on the Clyde river, Glasgow, on 19/20 May 1995.

ERCOFTAC Database.
European Research Community On Flow Turbulence And Combustion (ERCOFTAC) database

Surrey Institute of Art and Design.

UCL, University College, University of London.

University of Surrey.
Run by the University Computing Services and the George Edwards Library. With information about the University, services and facilities run University Computing Services and a guide to the George Edwards Library.

University of Hertfordshire. (Developing.)

High Wycombe
Insignia Solutions Ltd.
Leader in PC compatibility products.

The University of Huddersfield.

University of Hull. (Developing.)
Access to academic dept WWW Servers;Local Info services Miscellaneous Information. Provided by the Computer Centre.

Sabhal Mor Ostaig.
Scotland's Gaelic-medium college on the island of Skye. Providing college course information. Gaelic language information. (Most Web pages are in Gaelic, some in English.)

Isle of Anglesey
Isle of Anglesey. (Developing.)
Information on the Isle of Anglesey (North Wales), particularly history and natural history.

Kovach Computing Services.
Information on KCS line of shareware statistical software and consulting services. Also links to other statistical sites.

Keele University CWIS.
Keele University Campus Wide Information Service provides information about the University, its departments and research.

Kingston upon Thames
Kingston University.

Barclays Bank PLC. (Developing.)
General information about Barclays Bank and some of its UK services

University of Wales, Lampeter.
Information about the university and some departments (more to follow)

Higher Educational National Software Archives (HENSA).

Lancaster University. (Provisional.)

The University of Leeds.

Richard Robinson's Tunebook.
A collection of traditional tunes from Ireland, England, Scotland and the Northern Isles, Scandinavia and further afield.

Visionware Ltd. (Developing.)
Information about Visionware products and services

De Montfort University.
Information about the University, its departments and staff.

University of Leicester.

Loughborough University of Technology.

Zetnet Services. (Developing.)
Freephone Internet Provider

Edge Hill College of Higher Education. (Developing.)
At the moment just links to external sources. Information about the College is currently being prepared.

Hotel Net.
UK hotel brochures and requests for information and bookings.

The UK National Lottery. (Unofficial.)
Information about the UK National Lottery.

The University of Liverpool.
From the Computing Services Department.

Windows software vendor and WWW publisher.

ALOGIC. (Developing.)
Local Government information

Aeronet. (Experimental.)
Commercial aviation, mainly European centred; to operators passengers, training organisations, engineers and manufacturers.

Algorithmics Ltd. (Developing.)
Information on Algorithmics' MIPS related products and services

Angel Bathrooms .
A supplier of High Quality, hand crafted bathroom suites. Angel supply a design, contruction and installation service.

Apricot Computeres Limited.
Computer manufacturer.

Artewisdom Ltd.
Specialists in computer graphic,s structured cabling, software solutions and Internet consultancy.

Atlas Internet.
Internet service provider and WWW publisher.

Aviators Network (UK).
Comprehensive catalogue of information services for aviators

This is the BBC Networking Club WWW server.

Birkbeck College, University of London.

TheBody Shop.
Manufacture and retailing of skin and hair care preparations and cosmetics.

Brent Council.

British Geological Survey.

British Labour Party's Home Page.

British Telecom.

CD-ROM Magazine Online.
An electronic version of CD-ROM Magazine brought to you by Dennis publishing and Atlas Internet.

Callhaven PLC.
Macintosh hardware and software vendor. Also software services.

Canary Wharf Online.
Tourist and Travel guides, views of Docklands, Entertainment, Local Services and information

Central Office of Information (COI).
Advises on and buys publicity services in all media for its clients in Departments and Agencies.

Channel 4 Support Services.
Part of the Channel 4 follow-up service.

The City University, London.
Contains links to other services and maps of the area and the campus.

Comic Relief.
Red Noses in Cyberspace.

Compulink Information eXchange (CIX).
Information on CIX services

Computer Buyer.

Coopers & Lybrand. (Experimental.)
Chartered Accountants

Criterion Software Limited.

CyberCafe Menu.

Dante (Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe).
Information on EuropaNET and other services; DANTE is a not-for-profit company with the mandate to organise international network services for the European research community.

Demon Internet, Ltd.
Pioneers in Low-Cost Internet Connectivity in the UK.

Easy Garments UK Ltd.
Products Catalog.

Official site for many UK record companies

TheEmployment Network.
Database of and for job seekers in both the UK and Australia.

Ernst & Young.
Chartered Accountants

Frontier Internet Services.
Links to everywhere, Personal Web Pages IP Dialup to the Net, Batch FTP

Fuji International Productions UK Ltd.
Magazine-style online service to complement television broadcasts on British and Japanese television.

Go! Discs.
Music label, with info on various musicians.

Goldsmiths College, University of London.

H M Treasury.
The Treasury. Will include Budget information.

Major computer hardware and software manufacturer.

Imperial Cancer Research Fund.

Imperial College, University of London.
(Centre For Computing Services) Providing information about IC, Computing facilities, and other local information.

Info-Highway Magazine.
navigable IT news servic

Information Hyperlink Ltd.
Electronic magazines, Internet services and training.

Infosci (Multiple Sclerosis/Disabled Organisations).
Currently held is information on Multiple Sclerosis organisations. Soon to be added will be information on other disabilities and associated groups.

TheInstitute of Physics.
Information and services available from The Institute, plus publications from Institute of Physics Publishing.

InterStudio Limited.
Suppliers of new and used studio equipment for television, film, post-production and pro-audio

International Geothermal Association.
Geothermal energy developments world wide and the International Geothermal Energy Association

International Organisation of Palaeobotany.
Located at the University of East London, this experimental service provides: newsletters; patterns of evolution of some plant groups; lists of extinct plant species; Plant Fossil Record database (PFR2) WWW Oracle gateway.

Internet Discovery.
Advertising for corporates Information about Internet Discovery Ltd

Internet Shopper.
Information about Dance events in Europe and bands in the UK. Listings provided. Details about dancers, styles, events, band members available.

WWW Consultants.

Kings College, University of London. (Experimental.)
Primarily the King's Information Service (CWIS) & access point for networked resources

Kingston Universtity. (Provisional.)

Liberal Democrats.
Information,policy and how to join.

London Business School. (Experimental.)
One of the world's centres of excellence in management education and development.
Business Education. Postgraduate Degrees: MBA PhD MSc Finance. Executive Education. Research Programmes.

London Calling Internet.
Leisure and entertainment editorial, mainly film and music. Also cultural and arts happenings and people particularly in London.

London Guildhall University. (Developing.)

The London Institute.
a single federated structure five of the most famous art and design colleges in the world

TheLondon Mall.
Macintosh hardware and software vendor. Also software services.

London Parallel Applications Centre.
A leading centre of expertise in the use of Parallel Processing and High Performance Computing in Financial and Commercial applications.

London School of Economics (LSE).
Information about LSE, including telephone & email directories. (Shared server with British Library of Political & Economic Science.)

British Library of Political & Economic Science (BLPES).
Information about BLPES, including opening times, user guides, newsletter etc... (shared server with LSE main WWW server).

An electronic MarketPlace offering information, services and products.

Medical Research Council.

Medical Research Council . (Developing.)
Description of the MRC. Contact addresses & phone nos. for all MRC Research Units, links to other WWW servers in the MRC, links to other Research Councils' servers.

Micro Media Mall. (Experimental.)
General shopping mall. Many speciality shops and services.

Middlesex University.
  • School of Computing Science. Staff, interests, courses, and how to get there. Some research is being done in automatically generated Web documents.

Motorcycle Action Group (UK).
The Motorcycle Action Group [MAG (UK)] and Riders' Rights issues.

NSM Services.
Specialise in corporate networking and personal computer services.

National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC).

National Institute for Medical Research.

Natural History Museum. (Experimental.)
Basic museum information.

TheNet Directory.
The telephone book of the Internet, anybody and everybody is on it, and whats more - its free!

PA (Press Association).
Live news information.

PC-KHK. (Experimental.)
Information concering Taiwanese students in the U.K

PC User Group.

Papyrus Media's Careers 0n-Line.
A database of international employment opportunities.

Political Studies Association. (Developing.)
To develop and promote the study of politics.

PowerPC News.
News and analysis on the PowerPC industry.

Price Jamieson Group.
Recruitment consultants

Private Eye.
Humour and investigative journalism magazine.

Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London.

Provides personal and corporate WWW pages and a full internet/www design and consultancy.

Radiocommunications Agency. (Developing.)
Information relating to the administration of the radio spectrum in the UK including aeronautical,amateur radio, marine and telecommunications usage

RedNet Ltd.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. (Experimental.)
News of the Botanical, Conservation

The Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine.
RFHSM Campus Information Service

Royal Holloway, University of London.
Information about the University

Royal Postgraduate Medical School, University of London.
Information regarding the RPMS, located in Hammersmith, London

School of Advanced Study, University of London.

School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Sea Change Corporation's.
Information on Sea Change Products and Services and links to Sea Change's server in Canada.

South Bank University.

Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering.

Southern Studios Europe.
Mirror site for Internet Underground music Archive.

St. George's Hospital Medical School, University of London.
Campus information, courses for all, computer based learning, large medical image library, live data feeds, remote control equipment

TECC- The Electronic Conferencing Company.

The supermarket people.

The Guardian OnLine.
(Brought to you by CityScape.)

The Raft.
Music, artists, web wonders. (Part of Virgin.)

The Telegraph PLC.
  • Electronic Telegraph. One of the UK's leading quality newspapers number brings you news you can use on the Net.

Time Out.
A whats on magazine for London.

The Times Higher Education Supplement.
Highlights, Headlines and Digests from the current issue of The Times Higher Education Supplement. (Plus Job ads in the HES on the Tuesday before Friday's paper.)


UK Railway Preservation.
A guide to all preserved railways, locomotives, societies and museums in the UK

UKSEDS(UK Students for the Exploration & Development of Space). (Developing.)
Home pages of UKSEDS, a national space society for young people.

UKUUG (UK Unix User Group).

ULCC (University of London Computer Centre).
Services include massive online archival, media production and interchange, and short training courses. We also run the first Web Direct Dialing service.

United Medical and Dental Schools of Guy's and St. Thomas's(UMDS).
With information about UMDS and links to other related servers.

UCL, University College, University of London.
UCL-Info, a campus-wide information system including events diary of UCL, UCL Union and the Bloomsbury Theatre.

University of East London.
This is the Computer Centre provided WWW server with information about directory, mail, Faculty Information (courses etc in development).

University of Greenwich. (Developing.)

University of Kent at Canterbury (UKC).

University of North London.

University of Westminster.

The Web Lab.
One-stop shop for web page creating.

Xanadu Systems.
Xanadu distributes Digital's Multia, NCD's X Terminals and PC Xware, FTP's PC/TCP, NAC's FAServer and Jupiter Multi Head Graphics terminals.

cerberus sound+vision .
Specialists in network based music and video distribution.

eCity Cafe.

Reed Jobnet.
Information about Reed Personnel Services group of recruitment companies. Including email of Cv's, Online application forms, job listings.

Communication Arts. (Commercial.)
Systems designers for new media; SG Plus catalogue of Silicon Graphics accessories

Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School. (Experimental.)
Teaching and research interests, and also more general medical issues.

Thames Valley University. (Experimental.)
Basic info about TVU.

Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE).
To promote the advancement of electrical and manufacturing engineering and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas.

Micromuse PLC.
Network and systems management information.

The British Hernia Centre.
What hernias are all about. The different kinds of hernias. The different repair techniques now available

Card Europe.
Card Europe is a smart card user association This is a public database of all matters related to smart cards.

MBA. (Developing.)
Information about the UK's first truly integrated advertising agency.

Strategic Alliances.
Description of the BASIS WEBserver integration to the document database and retrieval products. Providing enchanced services to companies publishing on the WEB.

Technology Resource Centre, Limited.
Brief description of multi-national company providing services related to various IT needs. Links to many other computer related Web pages.

The Science Museum, London.
Over 100 pages of information on the Museum and it's collections Includes numerous images

Loughborough University of Technology.
Information about the University, including research interests and academic departments

Co-op. (Developing.)
A wide range of information concerning Co-operatives, both in the UK and the rest of the world.

Friends of the Earth.
The largest international network of environmental groups in the world, represented in 52 countries.

FrontLine Books.
Manchester's Green Bookshop

Greater Manchester LETSystems (gmLETS).
The Manchester Web Page. A directory of everything in Manchester

Information on LETSystems

Manchester Business School.
The server will eventually provide services related to business and finance with particular

Manchester Computing Centre (MCC).
Information about the University and its history.
  • Computer Graphics Unit. Computer Graphics services, software, research, images, computer graphics and scientific visualization information.
  • MIDAS. Manchester Information Datasets and Associated Services, providing a National Datasets Service to Universities throughout the UK
  • VPX Vector Supercomputing Service. On-line access to, and support for, researchers who need to perform long calculations.

The Manchester Metropolitan University.

NRS Central Database.
The NRS aims to provide a central list of services available to the UK academic community.

National Computing Centre Ltd.
Information relating to NCC membership, products and services

The NetEc Project.
NetEc unites three projects for networking interaction in academic economics that aim to improve the communication of new research results via electronic media.

The University of Manchester.
Information about the University and its history.

University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST).

Mid Glamorgan
Internet Business Consultancy.

University of Teesside. (Experimental.)
Information about the University of Teesside

Milton Keynes
Cranfield University.
Specialises in Engineering, Applied Science, Manufacturing and Management in the industrial, commercial, rural, defence and public sectors.

The Open University.
Information about our study methods, awards, the subjects we teach and full descriptions of all current courses.

University of Buckingham. (Developing.)
Information about the schools available at the University. Also general academic information including research and postgraduate opportunities.

VMARK Software Ltd.

Compass Computer Group.
Specialists in the provision of high performance, high capacity storage solutions.

Internet providers.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
North Of England Business "On-Line".
NEBOL provides support to companies and organisations, in the North of England, doing business on the Internet.

RISKS Digest.

University of Newcastle.
Links to campus and other information servers.

Department of Engineering Mathematics. (Developing.)
Lists of staff, courses, research topics

University of Northumbria.

Barclays Bank PLC.
    Barclaycard. (Operational.)
    Information about Barclaycards products and services

CCTA Government Information Service. (Developing.)
The UK Government Centre for Information Systems.

Norwich City FC.
news, squad info, colour pictures

University of East Anglia. (Experimental.)
The University Information Service - all departments

Information on Nexor's ISO X.400 (email) and X.500 products. Also Web, and other information, search tools.

The Nottingham Trent University. (Experimental.)
  • Department of Computing. (Developing.) Provides research information, online papers, also course and personnel information.
  • Department of Manufacturing. (Experimental.) Home page for the Manufacturing Automation Research Group. Brief Descriptions of current research activities.


Power Technology.
Home of engineering and scientific expertise and experience of PowerGen.

University of Nottingham. (Developing.)
Information on the University.

Computers in Teaching Initiative.
Information on the CTI and related initiatives as well as links to all CTI Centres.

JET Joint Undertaking.
Information on the EC funded, Joint European Torus a research project into nuclear fusion.

Manx Gaelic: Chengey-ny-Mayrey Vannin. (Experimental.)
Manx Gaelic, the variant of Gaelic spoken in the isle of Mann in the British Isles until 1974 when the last native speaker of the language died.

Oxford Brookes University.
Information about the University. Various schools pages and numerous external links.

Oxford University Networked Information Service.
Details on the University and on information servers around it.

Warm Silence Software.
Products, ordering info etc... Also assorted documentation for Acorn machines.

University of Paisley.

FleXtel. (Experimental.)
Info on FleXtel personal communications (number-for-life/free diversion)

South West Arts and Music (SWAN).

Structuring the Information Superhighway in the UK.
This area of the Web aims to point to as many relevant links to information as possible on this topic.

University of Plymouth.

University of Glamorgan. (Experimental.)
University information

The University of Portsmouth. (Developing.)
General information about the University of Portsmouth.

Abekas Video Systems.


    BBC Monitoring.
    Part of the World Service, is one of the largest and fastest news monitoring agencies in the world.

Micro Focus.
Information about Micro Focus, it's products and the COBOL language. Also an HTML version of the COBOL FAQ.

River and Rowing Museum at Henley.
News about developments at the museum and virtual exhibits.

University of Reading. (Developing.)

  • AT&T ISTEL. The server will carry product and service info for AT&T ISTEL. In particular, will carry demonstrations of the ISTEL Application Architecture (IAA).

ISODE Consortium.
Provides information on the ISODE Consortium, products and membership.

TheSamba Server.
Car/Van/other for sale and wanted plus general information.

University College Salford.

University of Salford.
Information about the University, and University College Salford, and associated commercial organisations. There are pages for all Departments and Research Institutes.

Sheffield Hallam University. (Experimental.)
Schools and departments of the University.

The University of Sheffield.
Based at the Academic Computing Services, with links to local information services.

Voss Net PLC.
Information services from Voss Net plc, including WWW/Database interfaces and on-line trading systems.

Slough (Langley)

University of Southampton.

Total Connectivity Providers Ltd.
Internet Service Provider

St Andrews
University of St Andrews.

St Leonards-on-Sea

St. Albans

Staffordshire University.

University of Stirling.


University of Strathclyde.
This is run by the Computer Centre. Lists courses offered by the Centre, centrally managed clusters and contains links to other WWW servers on campus.

University of Sunderland.
Information about the University.

Information about Linux, the Un*x like operating system for PC's.

University of Wales, Lampeter.

Centre for Informatics.
General information about the Centre and members of staff. Details of the degree scheme for Informatics and individual modules.

University of Wales, Swansea.

Natural Environment Research Council.
UK body charged with undertaking and supporting scientific research into all aspects of the natural environment.

Nildram On-Line.
UK Shareware Products Information And Support.

University of Ulster.

British Trees Information Resource.
British Trees - incl tree guide, bibliography. Commercial and non-commercial organisations and www links.

Daresbury Laboratory.
Based near Warrington in north west England. It provides research facilities for academic and industrial users from the UK and other countries. These include:
  • a 2 GeV synchrotron radiation source;
  • advanced computing facilities, including parallel computers;
  • RUSTI, the Research Unit for Surfaces, Transforms and Interfaces.

Internet Access and Service Providers.

The UK Car-Parrinello Consortium (UKCP).
An association of computational condensed-matter research groups

Warwick University (WINFO WWW).
Warwick Information WWW Service with lots of info about the University and things relating to it.

Spectrum Reports Ltd.

Emulex Europe.
Manufacturer of print servers, communications servers, communications cards and fibre channel. This server provides technical support for Emulex products.

Luna Internet. (Developing.)
Internet services provider.

Remote connectivity solutions for both large and small organisations. Authorised value added reseller for product ranges associated with bridging, routing and ISDN connectivity.

University of Wolverhampton.
Information about the University. The internal phone book, shuttle bus time tables.

Defence Research Agency.

UK Simulation Interoperability Working Group.
Information on modelling and simulation, especially the Distributed Interactive Simulation protocol (IEEE 1278)

West Mercia Constabulary.
West Mercia constabulary polices the counties of Hereford and Worcester and Shropshire.

Travels in Hypermedia. (Experimental.)

University of York (YorkWeb).
A range of information for both staff/students, visitors, potential students and industrial contacts.

Information on the UK radio industry

The Alta Group. (Experimental.)
The products and services of the Alta Group Of Cadence Design Systems.

Advert searching!

Apollo Advertising.
A commercial server holding advertisers WWW documents.

BMW Enthusiasts page.
Mainly UK BMW information

Media independant.

Carl Phillips Yachting Ltd.
Yachts for sale.

Comings & Goings - South of England.
(Canadian based server.) Comprehensive listing of hotels, guest houses and bed & breakfasts in selected areas of the South of England.

Computer Experts Ltd.
Contract programmers, internet advice

ElectricMail Ltd. (Developing.)
Musicbase and Moviebase: Info' on films and pop bands.

EuroDollar (UK) Ltd.
Company information about EuroDollar (UK) Ltd and affliates, the World's fourth largest car rental organisation.

European Cartoon Arts Network.

OnLine Florist

Frontline Distribution Ltd.
Frontline are one of the UK's largest TRADE distributors of computer hardware, software and services to the UK's computer reseller community.

The Global Highstreet.
Links to non-IT businesses and services in the UK. Internet consultancy.

The HEPDATA High-Energy Physics database of published numerical results organised by Mike Whalley.

Harrier Group Ltd.
Products and services offered by Harrier Group. Configuration, debugging, and updates for those products.

Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).
Set up by the UK universities and higher education colleges to collect, analyse and report on HE statistics.

Hitachi Data Systems Europe. (Developing.)
Details on HDS Europe's products and services, plus free software.

Hot Ice Limited.
Hot Air Balloon Flights Booking Service UK-wide

IBM UK Laboratories Ltd.
  • IBM Hursley Park. Information and technical support for CICS, GDDM, MQSeries and Person-2-Person

Innovations Gift Point.

Interactive Media Communications (Route-One).
Specialists in interactive multimedia programs for stand-alone PCs.

International Times in Cyberspace.
Current cyberspace events magazine.

Internet Book Shop.
On-line bookshop.

Internet Vision.
A series of focused information resources including graduate for careers information.

Janet Information Server.
Information about JANET, the UK academic and research network.

Personals from all over the uk

Macintosh magazine

Novelty Island!.
Pages about the work of Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer

Objective Software.

Oneway Publishing.
Purveyors of unusual, controversial and exciting books.

Pixel Innovations Ltd.
Details of Termite the Intelligent Terminal Emulator for all PC network to mini or mainframe requirements. Provides a GUI nt end to Windows and DOS host sessions.

ProActive Marketing.
Support for buisnesses on the Internet

Rough & Ready. (Developing.)
A collection of the best pages on the Web new sites added every one or two days

The Rutherford Appleton Laboratory(RAL).


The supermarket people.

School of Pharmacy, University of London. (Experimental.)

An information source of the UK SuperJANET project.

The IRIS Explorer Center.
Information on the IRIS Explorer scientific visualisation system, links to other IRIS Explorer servers and information sources, technical reports etc

The Mammal Society.
Membership details, academic information Mammal fact sheets, publications

The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd(NAG) (tm).
The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd (NAG) WWW server provides (non-commercial) information about NAG's mathematical and scientific software products and services. Information includes technical reports, availability, user notes, installation notes, demos and downloadable sofwtare. The server is also the home of the Fortran 90 Software Repository.

The Register.
Free electronic newsletter on semiconductors.

On-Line Travel Agency.

The University of Birmingham.

Vegetarian Pages.
Intended to be a definitive guide to what is available on the Internet for vegetarian-related information.

World ORT Union.
A non-political, not-for-profit making organisation which meets the education and training needs of contemporary societies around the world.

Music and entertainment.

CyberDyne CS Limited.
Detailed Internet based job agency with links to many related services.

Department of Computer Science.

Luna Internet.

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