I am a research associate in the Department of Computer Science at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh.

My main research interests are

My PhD work investigated fault tolerant functional computation for HPC and Cloud architectures. More details are here. In 2013, I developed distributed systems in CloudHaskell for an American start-up company. Between 2010-2013, I worked on the EPSRC project SerenA project, transforming research processes by identifying unexpected cross disciplinary connections using multi-agent and semantic web technologies.

I currently work on the EPSRC Rathlin project, designing and implementing an image processing DSL for FPGA, and a dataflow transformations framework detailed in our JSPS 2015 paper.

I’m interested in functional programming languages, and contribute to a number of Haskell libraries. I organise a monthly functional programming Edinburgh meetup EdLambda. Open source software is the progressive way to share software: