I am Rob Stewart, a research associate in the Department of Computer Science at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh.

My main research interests are

  • The design & implementation of domain specific languages
  • High-level parallel and distributed programming languages, using Haskell, Erlang and friends.
  • Heterogeneous and hierachical platforms with multicore CPUs, FPGAs and GPGPUs.
  • Scalable reliable programming languages.
  • Agent-based information retrieval & data modeling in the semantic web.

My PhD research focused on reliably massively parallel computing. I designed and implemented HdpH-RS, a reliability extension to HdpH, a Haskell DSL for distributed parallel programming. More details can be found here. My industrial experience includes 6 month period working for a startup company, developing distributed systems with Haskell.

I am now working on the Rathlin project. I am designing and implementing a DSL called RIPL for a novel FPGA-based processor for image processing. I organised a workshop on real-world domain specific languages in May 2014, which included a presentation on RIPL. I have previously worked on the SerenA project, aiming to transform research processes by proactively creating surprising connection opportunities.

I am passionate about Computer Science education, functional programming languages and open source software.