IVA 2016

20th September 2016

Institute for Creative Technologies, USC, Los Angeles


Workshop: Graphical and Robotic Embodied Agents for Therapeutic Systems - GREATS16

Programme and Papers

  1. Invited talk: Considering Sensory Preferences in the Design of Human-Robot Interactions for Autistic Users
  2. Virtual Health Agents for Behavior Change: Research Perspectives and Directions **slides**
  3. Avatar-based Sign Language Training Interface for Primary School Education. **slides - 176 meg voice-over mpeg**
  4. The Use of RoboParrot in therapy of Autistic Children: In Case of Teaching the Turn-Taking Skill **slides**
  5. An Interactive Tangram Game For Children With Autism **slides** **video - 1.2 gig .mov**
  6. Data-driven model of virtual patient for doctor social training **slides**
  7. Virtual Training for Discrete Trial Trainers **slides**


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