IVA 2016

20th September 2016

Institute for Creative Technologies, USC, Los Angeles


Workshop: Graphical and Robotic Embodied Agents for Therapeutic Systems - GREATS16

**NEW - Programme and Papers


Social robots and intelligent graphical agents have both been applied to a growing number of health applications. While looking at health applications in general, this workshop seeks to focus on those aimed at diagnosis and treatment of specific conditions, i.e therapeutic applications, and training for doctors in these fields. Topics include the application of specific psychotherapies, work on treating disorders such as autism or ADHD, and support for people with depression, dementia and other long-term conditions.

This workshop will consider both the range of applications, and specific issues and questions arising from them, for example:

  • What features and processes make a therapeutic application successful?
  • What specific issues relate to diagnosis, and what to treatment?
  • Can embodied agents help with doctor training in these fields?
  • How do we measure success?
  • How do we deal with the ethical issues in this domain? Should we be doing this at all?
  • Does embodiment and/or its specific form (robotic, graphical, features) impact success?
  • How do we assess the state of the human participant?
  • Do specific input modalities or multiple modalities help?
  • Definitions of human-ness and AI artefacts
  • What are the issues of privacy and security and how to we deal with them?
  • Can therapeutic agents deal with long-term interaction? How?
  • Can therapeutic agents help to empower their clients?


We will seek publication of longer versions of submitted papers in a journal venue - more details later

We are seeking submissions of papers on completed work, work-in-progress, position papers, posters, demos. Papers dealing with therapeutic agents, diagnostic agents and agents for medical education/training therapists will be favoured but papers on other health applications are also welcome. Papers should be no more than 8 pages in length in the IVA2016 Springer format - see below. Papers should be submitted via the EasyChair system at https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=greats16/. At least one author of each accepted paper will be required to attend the workshop to present their work.

Paper format details can be found at http://iva2016.ict.usc.edu/new-submission-instructions/


Tuesday 14th July: Submission deadline
Thursday 4th August: Deadline for notifications sent to authors
Thursday 18th August : Camera read copies due
20th September: Workshop


Ruth Aylett (co-chair), Heriot-Watt University
Willem-Paul Brinkman, Delft University of Technology
Dirk Heylen, Twente University
MeiYii Lim, Heriot-Watt University
Magalie Ochs, University of Marseille
Sofia Petisca, INESC-ID, Lisbon
Pierre Philp (co-chair), CHU Pellegrin, Bordeaux
Deborah Richards, Macquarie University, Sydney


Ruth Aylett/MeiYii Lim
School of Maths and Computer Science,
Montbatten Building,
Heriot-Watt University,
E14 4AS.

Tel +44 131 451 4189/4162
Fax +44 131 451 3327

Last Update: 23 May 2016