Verified Software:

Theories, Tools and Experiments

16th-19th August


Edinburgh, Scotland



30 August July 2010:  Verification competition solutions updated

More/updated details about the verification competition (results) are available here.

25 August July 2010:  Photos from conference available

Some photos taken during the conference are now available here.

19 August July 2010:  Verification competition results announced

More details about the verification competition results are available here.

18 August July 2010:  Verification competition announced

More details about the verification competition are available here.

9 August 2010:  Local information details available

Local information about venue, accommodation and travelling is now available from local information page.

9 August 2010:  Programme finalised

The programme is now finalised.

21st July 2010:  Details of verification competition

More details about the verification competition are available here.

16th July 2010:  Tool presentations/demos confirmed + programme amended

There will be four invited tool presentations and demos. The programme has been altered to fit in an extra slot to work on the verification competition. See programme site for details.

13th July 2010:  Members of discussion panel announced

See programme site for details.

6th July 2010:  Workshop and tool presentations and demos added to programme

The programme has been updated with workshop and invited tool presentation and demos details. See programme site for details.

5th July 2010:  Programme updated

The programme has been updated. Time for invited tools presentations and demos and competition has been allocated. Details are available from here.

28th June 2010:  ``Industrial Morning” event will be held on Monday 16th August

Details of this event is available from here.

21st June 2010:  Programme now available

The programme for the VSTTE conference is now available from here.

17th June 2010:  Change of workshop dates

Instead of being run in parallel, as previously published, the workshops will now be run sequentially to facilitate attendance of both workshops. The THEORY workshop will now be held in the afternoon of the 18th, while the TOOLS & EXPERIMENTS workshop will be on the morning of the 19th.

17th June 2010:  Heriot-Watt University confirmed as sponsor

Heriot-Watt University is confirmed as sponsors of VSSTE’10.

3rd June 2010:  Keynote speakers titles & abstracts available

Details of the keynote talks are now available from here.

21st May 2010:  Extended deadline for workshops papers

Workshop papers are now due on May 28th.

14th May 2010:  Contemplate confirmed as sponsors

Contemplate is confirmed as sponsors of VSSTE’10.

6th May 2010:  Registration is open!

Registration for VSSTE is now open. Please see the registration page.

23rd April 2010:  Poster session

There will be a poster session organised at VSTTE. More details see the poster session page.

15th April 2010:  Call for workshop papers published

A call for THEORY workshop papers and TOOLS & EXPERIMENTS workshop papers published. More details on the workshop page.

15th March 2010:  Competition details published

A competition will be held during the conference. Some details of this are now available from the competition page.

11th February 2010:  SSEl & FME confirmed as sponsors

The SSEI (Software Systems Engineering Initiative) and FME (Formal Methods Europe) are confirmed as sponsors of VSSTE’10.

11th February 2010:  More local information available

Some more details about Edinburgh have been added to the local information site.

21st January 2010:  SICSA Summer School

There will be a SICSA Summer School on Formal Reasoning & Representation of Complex Systems preceding the conference. This will be held in the preceding weekend (14th/15th August 2010). More details can be found here.

21st January 2010:  Workshop details updated

More details about the workshops are now available from the workshops page.

21st January 2010:  VSTTE’10 poster available

The VSTTE’10 poster can now be downloaded from here.

5th December 2009:  Workshop submission and notification dates corrected

The dates for notification of workshop papers is now June 25th, with final version due July 23rd.

26th November 2009:  Praxis High Integrity Systems confirmed as sponsor

Praxis High Integrity Systems is confirmed as a sponsor VSSTE’10.

21th November 2009:  2nd call for paper published

2nd call for papers is published with additional information and dates for workshops.

21th November 2009:  Details about workshops available

Details about the workshops associated with VSTTE’10  is now available from the workshop page.

21th November 2009:  EPSRC confirmed as sponsor

EPSRC will sponsor VSSTE’10.

18th November 2009:  Microsoft Research confirmed as sponsor

Microsoft Research is confirmed as sponsor of VSSTE’10.

17th November 2009:  Tom Ball confirmed as keynote speaker

Tom Ball is confirmed as the last keynote speaker.

16th November 2009:  SICSA confirmed as sponsor

The Scottish Information & Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) is now confirmed as sponsor of VSSTE’10.

10th November 2009:  NSF confirmed as sponsor

The US National Science Foundation (NSF) is now confirmed as sponsor of VSSTE’10.

10th November 2009:  Gerwin Klein & Matthew Parkinson confirmed as keynote speakers

2 (out of 3) keynote speakers are now confirmed. They are Gerwin Klein and Matthew Parkinson.

10th November 2009:  Sponsor packages published

3 pre-defined sponsor packages are now available, however we are flexible and open for negotiations.  

3rd July 2009:  Submission page activated

Papers can be submitted at https://www.easychair.org/login.cgi?conf=vstte10. Submissions that arrive late, are not 15 proceedings pages in LNCS format, or are too long will not be considered.  The proceedings of VSTTE 2010 will be published by Springer-Verlag in the LNCS series.  Authors of accepted papers will be requested to sign a form transferring copyright of their contribution to Springer-Verlag.  The use of LaTeX and the Springer llncs class files, obtainable from http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html, is strongly encouraged.

3rd July 2009:  Webpage updated

Webpage updated with call for papers and conference details.