Denis Mollison

Professor of Applied Probability (Emeritus)

Department of
Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

tel: (+44) 131 665 2055
e-mail: denis [at]


Epidemic modelling

Papers - including ones on
     Basic ideas
     Spatial models
     Data analysis using MCMC

Survey talks
     The structure of epidemic models
     [INFER2011, 4 Mb pdf]
     Network models for epidemics
     [ICMS, Sep 2011, 4 Mb pdf]

Research workshops - including
     Tubingen, October 2008
     Oberwolfach, November 2009
     ICMS Edinburgh, September 2011

     Infectious Disease Dynamics
     Newton Institute, Cambridge,
     19 August -- 13 September 2013

Wave energy statistics

Papers - including
     `Wave climate and the wave power resource'

European Wave Energy Resource Atlas

Survey talk    [4.5 Mb pdf]
     Wave energy: making best use of a variable resource

Voting systems

Scottish Council election May 2012

Other examples of STV elections

Fair votes in practice: STV for Westminster
Talk on electoral systems (Stockholm 2012)
A fair three-option referendum?   [5 page pdf]

Other interests

Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust
John Muir Trust
Castle Tioram Trust
Mountain Bothies Association
National Trust for Scotland

Scottish Green Liberal Democrats


Last modified 19th July 2013