Katrin Solveig Lohan

Keynote/General chair in 2017

SoctSoft 2017

General Chair at ERF 2017

Events organized in 2017

SICSA AI and Cyber Physical Systems: Workshop on the Social Impact of Intelligent Robots

RoboticsLab: Research Open Day 2017

HAI 2017

AI-HRI Sympothium 2017

Events organized in 2016

RoboticsLab: Research Open Day 2016

AI-HRI Symposium 2016

Events organized in 2015

RoboticsLab: Research Open Day

HRI 2015: Cognition: A Bridge between Robotics and Interaction

RoMan 2015: Special session on Developmental Social Robots: Reasoning about Human Intention and Action in Social Interactions

Workshops organized in 2014

HRI 2014: HRI: a bridge between Robotics and Neuroscience

Ro-Man 2014: Developmental and bio-inspired approaches for memory and emotion modelling in cognitive robotics

Workshops organized in 2013

ICDL-EpiRob2013: Language Acquisition and the influence of Action Learning

ICSR 2013: Embodied Communication of Goals and Intentions