People Michael Lones

The following are people whom I supervise, or have supervised, during research projects.


Marta Vallejo, Research Associate, 2015-present  [ResearchGate]
A multiobjective evolutionary approach to understanding Parkinson's disease

Nadia Solime Taou, PhD student, 2014-present  [ResearchGate]
Drug discovery for autoimmune diseases using artificial biochemical networks

Previous PhD Students

Stuart Lacy, PhD student, 2012-2015  [Web] [ResearchGate]
Evolutionary data mining for neurodegenerative diseases
Stuart is now a research fellow in the epidemiology and cancer statistics group in York.

Luis Fuente, PhD student, 2010-2014  [ResearchGate]
Artificial signalling networks and legged robot locomotion
After spending some time as a research associate in robotics at Oxford Brookes University, Luis now works at Mathworks.

Alexander Turner, PhD student, 2010-2014  [Web] [ResearchGate]
Artificial epigenetic networks
After his PhD, Alex was awarded an ERCIM research fellowship, which he held in the bioinformatics group at NTNU, then worked as a research associate at the University of York, and is now a Lecturer at the University of Hull.

Previous Masters Project Students

Martin Kettle, Masters project student, 2016
File content classification using genetic programming

Jonas Galdikas, Masters project student, 2015  [Dissertation]
Data mining applied to laser measurement

Yuting Zhu, Masters project student, 2015  [Dissertation]
Data mining applied to forecasting household energy consumption (co-supervised with David Corne)

Miguel Vinuales Iglesias, MSc student, 2014  [Dissertation]
Predicting Parkinson's disease from drawings using data mining techniques

Previous Honours Project Students

Toby Dobbs, Honours project student, 2015-16
Neural network-based classification of Necker cube drawings for Parkinson's disease diagnosis (co-supervised with Patricia Vargas)

Atroszko Ireneusz, Honours project student, 2015-16
Cross-device fingerprinting for user identification

Mohamed Sharif, Honours project student, 2015-16
Optimal load shedding in the Libyan power grid using evolutionary algorithms

Maksim Sukaciov, Honours project student, 2015-16  [Dissertation]
Computational interpretation and classification of the Benson cognitive asessment figure

Liou Bian, Honours project student, 2014-15  [Dissertation]
Small data mining, applied to squamous cell cancer of the temporal bone

Previous Internship Students

Maria Jesus Canavate Sanchez, Summer internship, 2014
Data visualisation and analysis for neurodegenerative diseases
Maria is now studying for a PhD at Heriot-Watt University.

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