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Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh 2018-2021

    Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, course for PhD students
    Modelling and Tools, course for MSc students
    Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists 4
    Mathematics for Scientists II
    Supervision of Honours and Master Projects

University of Dundee 2012-2017

    Dynamical Systems
    Functional Analysis
    Discrete Mathematics
    Mathematical Biology II
    Mathematics 1A
    Supervision of final year Honours and Master Projects

TU Viena June 2015

    Homogenization theory. Multiscale modelling and analysis of physical and biological processes.

RWTH University of Aachen 2009-2011

    Partial Differential Equations I and II (Tutorials)
    Seminar: Partial Differential Equations: Semigroups Theory
    Seminar: Qualitative properties of solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations

University of Oxford 2008

    Calculus III (Tutorials)

University of Heidelberg 2005-2006, 2009

    Partial Differential Equations (Tutorials)
    Nonlinear Analysis (Tutorials)
    Mathematics for Biologist