Research Student Supervision

Prospective Students:

If you are interested in carrying out a reserach project (MSc or PhD) under my supervision, you are welcome to contact me directly, but please do indicate the area of research you are interested in and make sure it's within the general range of topics that I work on. 

Current PhD Students:

  • Nurzi Juana Mohd Zaizi: Interoperability between 3D Atlases;

Graduated PhD Students:

  • Pauline Wilcox: Modelling of Distributed Interactive Simulation Communications; graduated 2000;
  • Konstantinos Liakos: Distributed Processing of Large Biomedical Images; graduated 2005;
  • Kostas Karasavvas: Adjustable Autonomy in Multi-Agent Systems in Bioinformatics; graduated 2006;
  • Aba-Sah Dadzie: Visualisation of Complex Anatomy Ontologies; graduated 2007;
  • Kenneth McLeod: Argumentation Systems in Bioinformatics; graduated 2012;

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