Workshop on History & Games

Where: The Glasgow School of Art (Digital Design Studio)
The Hub, Pacific Quay, Govan Road, Glasgow G51 1EA
Phone: 0141 566 1450
When: Thursday 29th September, 2016 (10am-5pm)

Travel Info: Check this Google map to find the way to "The Hub". Easiest access is probably the subway station "Ibrox" or a train to SECC and walk across the clyde (both options are about the same distance of walking to The Hub). In the building you arrive at the reception area. You should be able to walk straight up to the first floor to the seminar/open plan area for the workshop. People and pointers will be there to give directions to the exact room.

The main goal of this workshop is to give a state-of-the-art picture of Serious Games in Education, in particular in the learning domain of history, and to identify further opportunities of using digital or analogue games as a teaching tool in this domain, but also more widely. This workshop aims to reach out to various stakeholders and experts in education, game design, game development, and systems development. The format of the workshop will be: short, overview-style presentations and game demos to start with, followed by activity and discussion sessions in game design and serious mod.

This workshop is part of a longer-term effort in the development of a game engine, the JominiEngine as a practical teaching tool in the domain of history education. We hope to build a community of interested partners out of this workshop and solicit input for the further development of the engine and for the setting of priorities. For further information, check out the poster, the slides and the papers on the publications section of the main web page for the JominiEngine.

Registration (by Mon September 26th, 11:00am) for the event is free and managed through eventbrite: Registration

For further information on the JominiEngine, check out the poster and the papers on the publications section of the main web page. There you will also find a set of slides describing the current status of the engine and the long term vision to use it as an educational tool.

The first Call for Participation can be found here.

Provisional programme for the Workshop:

9:55-10:00 Registration
9:55-10:00 H-W. Loidl “Introduction”
Session on State-of-the-Art in Games for Education (chair: R. Sloan)
10:00-10:30 Hamish MacLeod “Approaches to Games and Learning”
10:30-11:00 Iain Donald “Loos: The Fallen Fourth”
11:00-11:30 Robin Sloan “Game Design for Education”
11:30-12:00 Various Game demos
12:00-13:00 Lunch
Activity Session on Game Play and Serious Modding (chair: S. Louchart)
13:00-13:15 S. Louchart “Serious Modding and board games”
13.15-15.00 B.MacDonald, S.Louchart “Experimenting with board games”
15:00-15:30 Break
Discussion Session on Serious Games in History Education (chair: H-W. Loidl)
15:30-15:45 H-W. Loidl “An Overview of the JominiEngine”
15:45-17:00 General Discussion
17:00 Closing

Slides from the presentations of the day:

Links to books and papers mentioned at the workshop:

Links to various on-line resources:

This research is supported by a SICSA Challenge grant.
Project “JominiEngine: A Serious Game Engine Across Learning Domains”
Partners: Hans-Wolfgang Loidl (Heriot-Watt University), Sandy Louchart (Glasgow School of Art), Robin Sloan (Abertay University).