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    PhD Theses Supervised

    Julie Brönnimann (Neuchâtel, 2016): Geodesic Growth of Groups

    Valentin Mercier (Neuchâtel, 2017): Conjugacy Growth Series in Groups

    Alex Evetts (Heriot-Watt, 2020): Aspects of Growth in Finitely Generated Groups

    Master Theses Supervised

    Michele Feltz (Fribourg, 2010):  On the Conjugacy Problem in Groups and its Variants

    Karin Comino (Fribourg, 2011):  Struktur und Wachstum von Graph Produkten

    Fabio Teles (Neuchâtel, 2016): Problèmes de Décision

    Charles Ashford (Heriot-Watt, 2017): At the Limit of Computability: Turing Machines and Unsolvable Problems

    Philoktitis Abel Velegrakis (Heriot-Watt, 2018): Coxeter groups: measuring the symmetry of shapes and spaces