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This is a list of journals that publish articles in evolutionary computation and related areas. Journals are listed in order of first publication. Impact factors (2015) are provided where available, and Sherpa REF compliance information is linked to for the benefit of researchers in the UK higher education sector (A+B panels). I make no guarantees regarding the accuracy or completeness of this information.

Evolutionary Computing    Neural Computing    Natural Computing    Computational Intelligence    Optimisation and Metaheuristics    Conferences

Evolutionary Computing

Evolutionary Computation  MIT Press, 1993-Present, Impact factor 3.600    REF →
IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation  IEEE Press, 1997-Present, Impact factor 5.908    REF →
Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines  Springer, 2000-Present, Impact factor 1.143    REF →
Swarm Intelligence  Springer, 2007-Present, Impact factor 2.577    REF →
Evolutionary Intelligence  Springer, 2008-Present    REF →
Memetic Computing  Springer, 2009-Present, Impact factor 0.900    REF →
Swarm and Evolutionary Computation  Elsevier, 2011-Present, Impact factor 2.963    REF →

Neural Computing

Neural Networks  Elsevier, 1988-Present, Impact factor 3.216    REF →
International Journal of Neural Systems  World Scientific, 1989-Present, Impact factor 6.085    REF →
Neural Computation  MIT Press, 1989-Present, Impact factor 1.626    REF →
Neurocomputing  Elsevier, 1989-Present, Impact factor 2.392    REF →
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems  IEEE, 1990-Present, Impact factor 4.854    REF →
Adaptive Behavior  Sage, 1992-Present, Impact factor 1.098    REF →
Neural Computing and Applications  Springer, 1993-Present, Impact factor 1.492    REF →
Neural Processing Letters  Springer, 1994-Present, Impact factor 1.747    REF →
Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience  Hindawi, 2006-Present, Impact factor 0.430    REF →

Natural Computing

BioSystems  Elsevier, 1967-Present, Impact factor 1.495    REF →
Theoretical Computer Science - Natural Computing section  Elsevier, 1975-Present, Impact factor 0.643    REF →
Complex Systems  Complex Systems Publications Inc., 1987-Present
Artificial Life  MIT Press, 1994-Present, Impact factor 1.042    REF →
Natural Computing  Springer, 2002-Present, Impact factor 1.310    REF →
International Journal of Unconventional Computing  Old City Publishing, 2005-Present, Impact factor 0.739
Journal of Cellular Automata  Old City Publishing, 2006-Present, Impact factor 0.418
International Journal of Bio-Inspired Computation  Inderscience, 2009-Present, Impact factor 1.390    REF →

Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing

IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics  IEEE, 1996-Present, Impact factor 4.943    REF →
Soft Computing  Springer, 1997-Present, Impact factor 1.630    REF →
Applied Soft Computing  Elsevier, 2001-Present, Impact factor 2.857    REF →
International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research  Research India Publications, 2005-Present
IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine  IEEE Press, 2006-Present, Impact factor 3.647    REF →
International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems  Atlantis / Taylor and Francis, 2008-Present, Impact factor 0.391    REF →

Optimisation and Metaheuristics

Engineering Optimization  Taylor and Francis, 1974-Present, Impact factor 1.380    REF →
Journal of Global Optimization  Springer, 1991-Present, Impact factor 1.219    REF →
Computational Optimization and Applications  Springer, 1992-Present, Impact factor 1.444    REF →
Journal of Heuristics  Springer, 1995-Present, Impact factor 1.344    REF →
Journal of Combinatorial Optimization  Springer, 1998-Present, Impact factor 1.080    REF →
Optimization Letters  Springer, 2007-Present, Impact factor 1.019    REF →
International Journal of Metaheuristics  Inderscience, 2010-Present    REF →
EURO Journal on Computational Optimization  Springer, 2013-Present    REF →
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