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The Semester 2 Project Module (F21PE)

General Notes for 2009 session

Each of you now has a specific project to do (and a project supervisor). The full time project work begins in semester three, but here (in semester 2), in parallel with your semester two taught modules, you will work part time on a Portfolio that sets out the background and context for your project.

This module (F291PE) is meant to ensure that you get a good start to your project; the idea is that you will be using and practising the skills you learned in F21RP (see Vision Learning Environment) towards producing a good background literature review, overall plan, and associated materials, for your specific project. There is one assessed deliverable for F291RP, which is the Portfolio (details below in the 15th January lecture), to be handed in at the end of the semester. The module monitors your activity via three lectures, and three deliverables, but only the Portfolio (deliverable 3) contributes to the module mark:

Please note that in our (the academic staff) workload budgets, we allow for significant project supervision time in semester 3, but we need it to be rather light in semester 2 (this semester). This module is largely about producing the portfolio, and you can consider me (DWC) as a stand-in project supervisor for that, with guidance from the basic description available for your project, and some necessary guidance from the project supervisor where appropriate.

·        Thursday 15th January 13:15pm in EM1.82:   Module Overview: The Portfolio

Deadline 1: Monday 16th February – email -- :    30 relevant items forming the basis for your literature/background review

·        Thursday 19th February 13:15pm in EM1.82:  Portfolio Feedback I: General feedback on progress, discussion of all aspects of the portgolio

Here are some examples of portfolios from previous MSc projects:

An excellent one: Barbour - chemotherapy optimisation

An excellent one: Shepherd - stock market prediction

A very good one: Koohestani - communications optimisation

Deadline 2: Monday 9thMarch – email --:    draft of portfolio (expectation ~40% complete)

·        Thursday 12th March 13:15pm in EM1.82:  Portfolio Feedback II:   General feedback: Advice on completing;

Here is a Portfolio Template with notes

Here is the Risk Assessment Form

Here is the Marksheet that will be used by your project supervisor and me

      Deadline 3: Friday 3rd April:    PORTFOLIO HANDIN

Feedback on draft portfolios (deadlines 1 and 2) will be provided entirely by me (David Corne). This is independent of any other arrangements that you and your supervisor may have. I will provide an independent view (which is always helpful) of progress.

The marks for this module as a whole are 100% for the completed project portfolio (Deadline 3), which is marked entirely by your project supervisor.

Deadlines 1 and 2 are `soft’ deadlines.  If you submit little, or nothing, then you will obviously get little or no feedback from me. Deadline 3 is rather important -- all of the module marks are based on the Portfolio.