Change of Course

If you need to change a course you are studying please complete this form, have it signed off by either your Year Co-ordinator (undergraduate students) or your Programme Director (postgraduate students) and then return it to the School Office for processing.

Programme Transfer

Programme Transfer (research)

Thinking of Leaving

If you are considering leaving the University, please consult our Thinking Of Leaving web pages for help and advice.  You should also speak to your Personal Tutor.

Amending Your Enrolment

Details for undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research students to extend/suspend their studies.

Temporary Suspension of Study

Note: this process is changing for 2019/20.  Further details to follow

Students are requested to complete the Temporary Suspension of Studies (TSS) form electronically and submit it, from their Heriot-Watt email account, to Students can append an electronic signature, but in the absence of their handwritten signature, the sending of the form from their Heriot-Watt account is deemed a valid signature. Students should either submit scanned copies of supporting documentation with the form, or hard copy documents can be handed in to the School Office, EM 1.25. The School Office staff will then forward the form and documents to the relevant academic members of staff e.g.  for taught students – Year Co-ordinator (UG students), Programme Director (PGT students) and then the Director of Learning & Teaching for completion and signature.

Confirming your student status and requesting a transcript

Current students at the Edinburgh Campus should complete the relevant form and submit it to the Student Service Centre,

Mitigating Circumstances (Policy and Application Form)

Request To View Examination Script

As part of the University’s policy on providing feedback to students, students can request an opportunity to view their examination script(s) in the presence of an administrator if they wish to look at the script to see how marks have been allocated.  You cannot query academic judgement in the allocation of marks.  This access to scripts is in addition to the general feedback material that is made available on Vision.

Student Academic Appeals

Computer Regulations