Change of Course or Programme Transfer

Students can now swap courses through Student Self Service during the first two weeks of a semester.  The courses being swapped must be of the same credit value and you must have met any pre-requisites for the course to be added.

If you need to change a course after that date, or if you need to add or delete a course, please complete the change of course form, have it signed off by either your Year Co-ordinator (undergraduate students) or your Programme Director (postgraduate students), who will forward it for processing.  The deadlines for course changes are:

Semester 1 courses: Friday 24 September 2021

Semester 2 courses: Friday 21 January 2022

Please ensure you put the correct course code on the form as that is what is used to change your enrolment, not the course name.

If you are thinking about transferring to another programme of study, please discuss this with your Personal Tutor or Programme Director and then complete the Programme Transfer Application Form.

Applications to the Jack Carr Fund 2021-22

The Jack Carr Fund is currently inviting applications for a limited number of small grants not expected to exceed £500. Larger grants may be awarded in special cases. The scheme is open to Heriot-Watt University undergraduate and postgraduate students currently registered in Edinburgh for a degree normally in the mathematical sciences. Postdoctorates in MACS may also apply.

Applications should be submitted to June Maxwell by the closing dates of June 22 2021, October 8 2021, and March 3 2022.

Examples of what might qualify for an award include:

  1. Academic study (excluding costs of student exchange visits and class trips.)
  2. Extra-curricular study in the mathematical sciences including participation in workshops, and short study visits in the UK and elsewhere.
  3. Care and caring costs.
  4. Musical activity.

If you wish to apply to the fund, please download the Jack Carr Fund Application Guide, which includes the application procedure and other conditions, and then complete the Jack Carr Fund Application Form.

Code Clinic (Edinburgh CS)

The Edinburgh Code Clinic will be running online this semester on Microsoft Teams. Exact slots (on Teams or face-to-face) are still to be fixed, but we expect 2 per week, starting in Week 3, and aligned with Year 1 and 2 timetables.

Teams Link: CodeClinic

The Code Clinic is a drop-in session to ask questions about coding in general. There will be a lab helper to answer the questions, and you can share code snippets to get help.

Code Clinic get help with programming questions slots to be scheduled from week 3.

Tier 4 Student Attendance Recording

All students who are sponsored under the UKVI Tier 4 student visa scheme are required to check-in using the SafeZone Smartphone App

Please do the following:

  • Download the SafeZone app to their smartphone, it is available here:
  • Register on the app using their Heriot-Watt email address (not a personal email address)
  • For at least one academic session in every ‘working week’, check-in when they arrive and check-out when they leave.
  • Check their Heriot-Watt email account frequently for updates and information

The University sends out emails to Tier 4 students each week to tell them if they recorded their attendance correctly during the previous working week.

If a Tier 4 student is contacted by their school/student/PGR office, or Director of Governance & Legal Services about poor attendance, this must be taken seriously and treated as a very urgent matter.

Tier 4 attendance recording with SafeZone is a flexible, convenient and discreet way for Tier 4 students to log their attendance each week. It is an important part of the Tier 4 student visa conditions, and checking-in each week demonstrates to UKVI that a person is a genuine student and engaged with their studies at Heriot-Watt University.

Any Tier 4 student that has a genuine reason why they cannot use SafeZone for Tier 4 attendance purposes should raise this with their school office immediately