Code Clinic (Edinburgh CS)

The Edinburgh Code Clinic will be running again this semester on Mondays 3:15-4:15pm and Thursdays 1:15-2:15pm in GRID Inspire and Collaborate 1. The Code Clinic is a drop-in session to ask questions about coding in general. There will be a lab helper to answer the questions, and you can bring code snippets on a laptop or USB stick to get help.

Tier 4 Student Attendance Recording

All students who are sponsored under the UKVI Tier 4 student visa scheme are required to check-in using the SafeZone Smartphone App

Please do the following:

  • Download the SafeZone app to their smartphone, it is available here:
  • Register on the app using their Heriot-Watt email address (not a personal email address)
  • For at least one academic session in every ‘working week’, check-in when they arrive and check-out when they leave.
  • Check their Heriot-Watt email account frequently for updates and information

The University sends out emails to Tier 4 students each week to tell them if they recorded their attendance correctly during the previous working week.

If a Tier 4 student is contacted by their school/student/PGR office, or Director of Governance & Legal Services about poor attendance, this must be taken seriously and treated as a very urgent matter.

Tier 4 attendance recording with SafeZone is a flexible, convenient and discreet way for Tier 4 students to log their attendance each week. It is an important part of the Tier 4 student visa conditions, and checking-in each week demonstrates to UKVI that a person is a genuine student and engaged with their studies at Heriot-Watt University.

Any Tier 4 student that has a genuine reason why they cannot use SafeZone for Tier 4 attendance purposes should raise this with their school office immediately

BSc Computer Systems

The BSc Computer Systems Programme is available in Edinburgh, Dubai and through Approved Learning Partners.

Smitha S Kumar

Programme Director: Smitha Kumar (Dubai)

Programme Code: F2CC-CSE

For further information about course choices consult:

Year 1

Year Co-ordinator: Dr Robert Stewart (Edinburgh)

Year Co-ordinator: Dr Adrian Turcanu (Dubai)

Semester 1 (Mandatory)Semester 2 (Mandatory)
F27SA Software Development 1F27SB Software Development 2
F27ID Introduction to Interaction DesignF27CS Introduction to Computer Systems
F27PX PraxisF27WD Web Design and Databases
(Optional – Choose 1) (Optional – Choose 1)
F17LP Logic and ProofF17SC Discrete Mathematics (Edinburgh & Dubai Only)
Elective Course (Edinburgh Only) F27TS Technology in Society (Edinburgh only)
C17EC Enterprise and its Business Environment (Dubai only)

Year 2

Year Co-ordinator: Dr Phil Bartie (Edinburgh)

Year Co-ordinator: Dr Ryad Soobhany (Dubai)

Year 2 Transition Year 2019-20

Semester 1 (Mandatory)Semester 2 (Mandatory)
F28ED User-Centred Experimental DesignF28SD Software Design
F28WP Web ProgrammingF28DM Database Management
F28DA Data Structures & Algorithms (Optional – Choose 2)
F28PL Programming LanguagesF28HS Hardware-Software Interface
F17SC Discrete Mathematics
F28CD Creative Design Project (Edinburgh & ALP Only)
C18OP Operations Management

Year 2 structure from 2020-21

Semester 1 (Mandatory)Semester 2 (Mandatory)
F28ED User-Centred Experimental DesignF28SD Software Design
F28WP Web ProgrammingF28DM Database Management
F28PL Programming Languages F28DA Data Structures & Algorithms
F28SG Software Development 3 (Optional – Choose 1)
F28HS Hardware-Software Interface
F28CD Creative Design Project (Edinburgh & ALP Only)
C18OP Operations Management

Year 3

Year Co-ordinator: Dr Frank Broz (Edinburgh)

Year Co-ordinator: Dr Abrar Ullah (Dubai)

Semester 1 (Mandatory)Semester 2 (Mandatory)
F29SO Software EngineeringF29PD Professional Development
F29DC Data Communications & NetworkingF29OC Operating Systems & Concurrency
F29AI Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent AgentsF29LP Language Processors
F29KM Knowledge ManagementF29SS Sociotechnical & Soft Systems Methodologies

Year 4

Year Co-ordinator:Prof. Fairouz Kamareddine (Edinburgh)

Year Co-ordinator: Dr Hani Ragab Hassen (Dubai)

Semester 1 (Mandatory)Semester 2 (Mandatory)
F20PA Project: Research Methods & Requirements EngineeringF20PB Project: Design & Implementation
(Optional – Choose 3) F20PC Project: Testing & Implementation
F20CL Computing in the Classroom (Edinburgh Only)Optional (Choose 2)
F20CN Computer Network Security F20AD Advanced Interaction Design
F20GA 3D Graphics & Animation F20BD Big Data Management
F20IF Information System Methodologies F20DE Digital & Knowledge Economy
F20RS Rigorous Methods for Software Engineering F20DV Data Visualisation & Analytics
F20SA Statistical Modelling & Analysis F20EC E-Commerce Technology
F20SC Industrial Programming F20GP Computer Games Programming

Change of Course or Programme Transfer

Students can now swap courses through Student Self Service in week 1 of a semester.  The courses being swapped must be of the same credit value and you must have met any pre-requisites for the course to be added.

If you need to change a course after that date, or if you need to add or delete a course, please complete the change of course form, have it signed off by either your Year Co-ordinator (undergraduate students) or your Programme Director (postgraduate students) and then return it to the School Office for processing by 4pm on:

Semester 1 courses: Friday 4 October 2019

Semester 2 courses: Friday 31 January 2020

Please ensure you put the correct course code on the form as that is what is used to change your enrolment, not the course name.

If you are thinking about transferring to another programme of study, please discuss this with your Personal Tutor or Programme Director and then complete the Programme Transfer Application Form.