SFRA Colloquium 2019

The 2019 SFRA Colloquium will present topics on methodological and computational aspects of Data Science, Machine Learning and their applications and developments within Financial Risk, Financial Mathematics and Insurance.

Dates:   SFRA Colloquium 4th – 6th Feb 2019.  

Location: International Center for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) in Edinburgh (see url: )

​This event is organised by Prof Gareth Peters. Registration is free for Heriot-Watt students and the first day of the event (4th Feb) would be relevant for all final year, MSc and PhD students.

For more info and to register check out the event web page.

Tier 4 Student Attendance Recording

All students who are sponsored under the UKVI Tier 4 student visa scheme are required to check-in using the SafeZone smartphone App

Please do the following:

  • Download the SafeZone app to your smartphone as soon as possible, it is available here:
  • Register on the app using your Heriot-Watt email address (not a personal email address)
  • Tier 4 students are required to use the ‘check-in’ and ‘check-out’ functions at least once each week (except for vacations, placements, authorised absences and certified sickness).
  • Students should ‘check-in’ when they arrive at a lecture, tutorial, seminar or other timetabled academic session and ‘check-out’ at the end of that session.
  • PGR students can check in and out from their designated desk, office, lab, PGR support office or their supervisor’s office if they don’t have a timetabled session during a week.
  • Check your Heriot-Watt email account frequently for further updates and information

Tier 4 attendance recording is an important part of your Tier 4 visa conditions, and checking-in each week demonstrates to UKVI that you are a genuine student and engaged with your studies at Heriot-Watt University. Further information and FAQs are available on the Student Portal.





Change of Course or Programme Transfer

Students can now swap courses through Student Self Service in week 1 of a semester.  The courses being swapped must be of the same credit value and you must have met any pre-requisites for the course to be added.

If you need to change a course after that date, or if you need to add or delete a course, please complete the change of course form, have it signed off by either your Year Co-ordinator (undergraduate students) or your Programme Director (postgraduate students) and then return it to the School Office for processing by:

Semester 1 courses: Friday 28 September 2018

Semester 2 courses: Friday 25 January 2019

Please ensure you put the correct course code on the form as that is what is used to change your enrolment, not the course name.

If you are thinking about transferring to another programme of study, please discuss this with your Personal Tutor or Programme Director and then complete the Programme Transfer Application Form.