F17LP Logic and Proof

Prof Mark LawsonDr Hind Zantout

Course co-ordinator(s): Prof Mark Lawson (Edinburgh), Dr Hind Zantout (Dubai).


This is an introduction to first order logic for mathematicians and computer scientists. There are three components to this course: proofs, propositional logic and predicate logic. Proofs are the basis of mathematics --- how do we know what we say is true? --- and also of computer science --- how do I know this program will do what I think it will do? Propositional logic and predicate logic are the two ingredients of first-order logic. Propositional logic deals with proofs that can be analysed in terms of the words {\em and, or, not, implies

Detailed Information

Pre-requisites: none.

Location: ALP, Dubai, Edinburgh.

Semester: 1.

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SCQF Level: 7.

Credits: 15.