We are a cross-disciplinary group with skills in signal processing, vision science and computer graphics. We are interested in the:

  • perception
  • capture
  • analysis
  • retrieval and
  • visualisation

of all types of three-dimensional surface texture.

9 Years of UK and EU Research
An overview visualisation of the British and European funded research in the UK.
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Strategic Futures Laboratory – Visualisation of research grant data illuminating trends in UK and European research funding.
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Well Sorted Online Remote Card Sorting Tool – Now used for over 190 meetings, and over 14,000 ideas.
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Crowds: Visual Co-design via Rich Crowd-sourcing: Heriot Watt University new strategic theme in creativity, design and innovation funds joint Texture Lab and School of Textiles and Design research project on crowd-sourcing for emotive design feedback and engagement.

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Strategic Futures Laboratory Well Sorted Crowds: Visual Co-design via Rich Crowd-sourcing Interactive Exhibition at Dovecot NewScientist Article about Digital Sensoria


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