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CMU computer Vision home page


Joachim Buhmann, Bonn, Germany
Hans Burkhardt, Freiburg, Germany
Andrew Calway, Bristol, UK
Mike Chantler, Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh, Scotland
Antonio Criminisi, Microsoft, Redmond, USA
Dmitry Chetverikov, Budapest, Hungary
Kristin Dana, Rutgers University, USA
Sébastien Deguy, allegorithmic, Aubière, France
Alexei (Alyosha) Efros, Berkeley, USA
Andre Gagalowicz, Inria Rocquencourt, France
Jan-Mark Geusebroek, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Georgy Gimelfarb, Auckland, New Zealand.
Edwin Hancock, York, UK
Yanxi Liu, CMU, USA
Jan Koenderink, Helmholtz Institute, Utrecht University
Dani Lischinski, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jitendra Malik, UC Berkeley, USA
Tom Malzbender, HP Labs, USA
Shree Nayar, Columbia Uni., USA
Rupert Paget, ETH, Zurich
Nicolás Pérez de la Blanca Capilla, Granada, Spain
Maria Petrou, Surrey, UK
Matti Pietikäinen, Oulu, Finland
Javier Portilla, Madrid, Spain
Mirko Sattler, Bonn, Germany
Jean Serra, Ecole des Mines de Paris, France
Karsten Schlüns, Berlin Humboldt University
Harry Shum, Microsoft Research, China
Luc Van Gool, ETH Zurich, Switzerland & K.U. Leuven, Belgium
Ying Nian Wu, UCLA, USA
Yizhou Yu, Illinois, USA
Alexey Zalesny, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Song Chun Zhu, Ohio State, USA
Andrew Zisserman, Oxford, UK


Computer Science Bibliography – Computer Graphics and Vision – Large collection of bibliographies
Rosenfeld Bibliographies index and search (US) BibTeX/ASCII versions
SPIE Abstracts
TU-Delft literature database – Bibliography of vision and related literature including Rosenfeld database.
USC Vision Bibliography – An annotated bibliography of computer vision, with image processing and related topics arranged by topic. (more than 20,000 papers indexed!)


Journal Of Vision
Computer Vision and Image Understanding
IJCV – International Journal of Computer Vision
Image and Vision Computing
Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision
Journal of Real-time Imaging
Machine Graphics and Vision Journal
Mathematical Morphology Digest
Videre – Journal of Computer Vision Research

Tutorials etc.

CVonline The Evolving, Distributed, Non-Proprietary, On-Line Compendium of Computer Vision. An impressive collection of hypertext summaries on the central topics in computer vision (you are invited to contribute)
Computer Vision Handbook
Epipolar Geometry – Excellent interactive Epipolar Geometry tut..
HyperMedia Image Processing Reference A free package of basic worksheets, JAVA-based interactive demonstrations, glossary, and images for image processing teaching and self-tutorial.
Numerical Recipes in C++
Sussex Computer Vision Teach Files – has a good section on Gaussian masks.
Technical Introduction to Digital Video: Basic Principles – first 2 chapters: basic principles and Gamma on line
MPEG-7 standard – has details of Gabor texture descriptors in section 3.2.3 Texture Descriptors.
Richard Duda’s web pages on Pattern Recognition. (simple intro to Mahalanobis classifiers)
Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning Course homepage (Edinburgh Uni)
STATISTICA‘s Statistics notes and Principal Components and Factor Analysis
The Kalman Filter website
Thomas Minka’s Statistical Learning/Pattern Recognition Glossary
Manchester Metropolitan’s Multivariate Techniques and their notes on Principal components analysis

Related Technology

ShoogleitCreate interactive short videos
Developer Nvidianvidia webpages
AMD ATI – Graphics pages – helpful resource
Totally Textures – effective solutions for web-based product presentation
Smarter Swatch – swatch in digital format
Active Swatch – modern interpretation of a swatch
Smarter Scene – interactive scene demonstrating your product range
t3D-Designer – design and comunicate your textures
t3D-Scan – import textures
CGChannel – visual effects and art magazine
OpenGL – OpenGl official site.

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