Pierre Le Bras

BSc (with Distinction)

Texture Lab,
School of Mathematical and Computer Science,
Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, EH14 4AS
pl196 at hw dot ac dot uk
+44 (0)131 451 4166
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Conferences and Publications

Research Interests

My main interest concerns data analysis and visualisation. During my undergraduate studies I have worked on various projects involving this subject, especially web applications.

Visualising similarity data

I have investigated diverse techniques to represent similarity data, e.g. topic similarity in a text corpus. This not only includes the different possible visualisations but the data processing necessary beforehand as well.

Trust in Automatically Generated Visualisation

Upon presenting visualisation tools for users to base their strategic decisions on, one may question the integrity of the data being presented, especially if it comes from an automated system, where results may differ from what users expected to see. Therefore I am looking at these trust issues, trying to identify them and where do they occur in the system pipeline. This would allow me to design explanatory visualisations which aim to explain to users the various processes underneath the visualisation they are given.



I have been involved in the Tinker project since my last year of undergraduate studies.
Tinker is a tool enabling Proof Strategies to be represented as graphs (called PSGraphs) and works on top of Theorem Provers (e.g. Isabelle, ProofPower).
My main work was to re-create an interface that would allow more functionalities with PSGraphs such as hierarchies and a better communication protocol between the interface and the Theorem Provers.
Website : ggrov.github.io/tinker

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