Bernd J Schroers
Research Group
Mathematical Physics
LINKS ----November 2012: Launch of James Clerk Maxwell AIMS Fund to support Scottish Mathematicians teaching at AIMS ----August 2012: Scottish Funding Council supports AIMS initiative with £200,000 grant---- AIMS Ghana opens on 25 August ---- May 2012: Interview regarding my textbook on ordinary differential equations ---- AIMS Sénégal opened in September 2011 ---- 2011 Euronews feature on AIMS.

I am a Professor in the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences at Heriot-Watt University , and currently the Head of the Department of Mathematics. The official homepage (not always up-to-date) is here.

My research area is mathematical physics, particularly geometric and solitonic models of matter and quantum gravity in three dimensions. For details have a look at my
publications, and those of my current and past research students.

I am a founding
member of the Edinburgh Mathematical Physics Group (EMPG) and the North British Mathematical Physics Seminars (NBMPS).

When not in Edinburgh I am often in South Africa, Ghana or Sénégal in connection with the African Institutes for Mathematical Sciences (
AIMS) there.