Current research students
Past research students
Calum Ross, Geometry of Integrable Vortices, PhD 2019

Rogelio Jante, Spectral Properties of Gravitational Instantons, PhD 2015

Nishanth Kumar, Atiyah's Configuration Conjecture and Angular Momentum, MSc 2013

Prince Osei
, Non-commutative Structures in Quantum Gravity, PhD at U of Ghana, 2012

Giorgos Papageorgiou
, Galilean Quantum Gravity in 2+1 Dimensions, Phd 2010

Katie Russell, Topological Solitons and Their Excitations, PhD 2008

Erik de Vries, Supersymmetric Monopole Dynamics, PhD 2008

Ewan Morrison, Cosmological Constant and Gravitational Lensing, MSc 2008

Graham Halley, Vortex Dynamics and Radiation, MSc 2005

Catherine Meusburger, Classical Phase Space and Quantisation of 3d Gravity in the Chern-Simons Formulation, PhD 2004

Oliver Lange, Dynamics of Ginzburg-Landau Vortices, MSc 2002
Post docs
Guido Franchetti , EPSRC funded RA, 2013-15

Zoltan Kadar
, EU network funded RA 2005-2007

Joost Slingerland
, Marie-Curie funded RA 2002-2004

Peter Gerlagh, Geometry of Spin-orbit Forces in Chiral Magnets and the DM Interaction, PhD from 2019

Bruno Barton-Singer, Dynamics of Magnetic Skyrmions, PhD from 2018

Sergio Inglima, Non-commutative Wave Equations in Quantum Gravity, PhD from 2012

Kim Smedley-Williams, Spectral Properties of Magnetic Dirac Operators, PhD part time from 2010
Research Group
Mathematical Physics