F20PA Research Methods & Requirements Engineering

Ben KenwrightDr Hani Ragab Hassen

Course co-ordinator(s): Ben Kenwright (Edinburgh), Dr Hani Ragab Hassen (Dubai).


Development of project research method and requirement analysis skills

Detailed Information

Pre-requisites: none.

Linked course(s): F20PB Design & Implementation & F20PC Project Testing and Presentation Synoptic Courses..

Location: Dubai, Edinburgh, Malaysia.

Semester: 1.


  • Requirements analysis of software development project.
  • Researching current state of art in this area.
  • Library resources and their use, Web and online database searching.

Learning Outcomes: Subject Mastery

Understanding, Knowledge and Cognitive Skills Scholarship, Enquiry and Research (Research-Informed Learning)

  • Understanding of research or development based problem related to a substantial software development topic
  • Requirements specification and background research skills for it
  • Ability to plan a significant project of research, investigation or development

Learning Outcomes: Personal Abilities

Industrial, Commercial & Professional Practice Autonomy, Accountability & Working with Others Communication, Numeracy & ICT

  • Ability to research and undertake critical review and evaluation of data and supplied literature
  • Project planning skills
  • Written communication skills
  • Time management

SCQF Level: 10.

Credits: 15.