F28ED User-Centred Experimental Design

Dr Ioannis KonstasDr Theo Georgiou

Course co-ordinator(s): Dr Ioannis Konstas (Edinburgh), Dr Theo Georgiou (Edinburgh), Dr Ryad Soobany (Dubai).


To give students an introduction to designing, conducting, and analysing experiments that involve human participants,
along with other basic methods of studying interaction with computational artifacts.

Detailed Information

Course Description: Link to Official Course Descriptor.

Pre-requisite course(s): F27ID Introduction to Interaction Design .

Location: ALP, Dubai, Edinburgh.

Semester: 1.


Ethics of conducting experiments, working with users, experimental design, hypothesis testing, usability testing, basic
descriptive and inferential statistics, qualitative analysis.

Learning Outcomes: Subject Mastery

Students will develop skills in the following areas:
• Collecting and working with user data according to legal and ethical guidelines
• Designing and conducting experiments to evaluate computational systems with users
• Analysing data to test hypotheses and and presenting statistical results to provide evidence for research

Learning Outcomes: Personal Abilities

Students will develop skills in the following areas:
• Use discipline appropriate software for data analysis,
• Present, analyse and interpret simple numerical and graphical data gathered as part of evaluation studies.
• Exercise autonomy and initiative by planning and managing their own work within a specified project; (PDP)
• Take responsibility for their own and other's work by contributing effectively and conscientiously to the work of
a group (PDP)
• Communicate effectively to knowledgeable audiences by preparing informal presentations and written reports.

Assessment Methods: Due to covid, assessment methods for Academic Year 2021/22 may vary from those noted on the official course descriptor. Please see:
- Maths (F1) Course Weightings 2021/22
- Computer Science (F2) Course Weightings 2021/22
- AMS (F7) Course Weightings 2021/22

SCQF Level: 8.

Credits: 15.