F18NA Numerical Analysis A

David Bourne

Course co-ordinator(s): David Bourne (Edinburgh).


When solving problems in science, engineering or economics, a real-life situation is first converted into a mathematical model. This is often called the formulation of the problem and it is given in terms of mathematical equations. Only a handful of model equations can be solved in a neat analytical form. Hence we need numerical analysis, comprising a set of techniques for finding approximate solutions of these equations. This course provides an introduction to very basic methods in numerical analysis both from a theoretical and a practical perspective. It also provides an introduction to programming in Python.

Detailed Information

Pre-requisite course(s): F17CA Calculus A & F17CB Calculus B .

Location: Edinburgh.

Semester: 2.

Further information: Syllabus, Number of lectures, Assessment, Learning Outcomes.

Contact Hours: 2 lectures + 1 computer lab + 1 tutorial per week.

SCQF Level: 8.

Credits: 15.