F29DC Data Communications and Networking

Dr Adam SampsonDr. Sasa RadomirovicDr Hani Ragab HassenAli Muzaffar

Course co-ordinator(s): Dr Adam Sampson (Edinburgh), Dr. Sasa Radomirovic (Edinburgh), Dr Hani Ragab Hassen (Dubai), Ali Muzaffar (Dubai).


Introduction to data communications and computer networking

Understanding of the structure of Internet

Understanding of concepts of connection oriented and connectionless communication, and principles of data communication protocols

Detailed Information

Course Description: Link to Official Course Descriptor.

Pre-requisite course(s): F28WP Web Programming .

Location: ALP, Dubai, Edinburgh, Malaysia.

Semester: 1.


  • Internet history and organisation, OSI and Internet reference models.
  • Link level communications, data transparency, error detection, sliding window protocols
  • Network layer protocols, IP, ICMP,
  • network routing,
  • routers
  • Transport protocols, TCP, UDP
  • Congestion control
  • Higher level protocols e.g. HTTP (simple example only)

Learning Outcomes: Subject Mastery

Understanding, Knowledge and Cognitive Skills Scholarship, Enquiry and Research (Research-Informed Learning)

  • Understanding of data communication protocols.
  • Appreciation of necessity for formal specification and verification of protocols.
  • Appreciation of complexity of network infrastructure and sensitivity to parameter choices.

Learning Outcomes: Personal Abilities

Industrial, Commercial & Professional Practice Autonomy, Accountability & Working with Others Communication, Numeracy & ICT

Professional Development

  • Appreciation of role of standards in networking
  • Appreciation of precision and need for validation in specification of data communication protocols

Practical Expertise

  • Ability to analyse and explain basic issues relating to communication and networking technologies
  • Practice in ICT, numeracy and report writing, team working

Assessment Methods: Due to covid, assessment methods for Academic Year 2021/22 may vary from those noted on the official course descriptor. Please see:
- Maths (F1) Course Weightings 2021/22
- Computer Science (F2) Course Weightings 2021/22
- AMS (F7) Course Weightings 2021/22

SCQF Level: 9.

Credits: 15.