Joe Wells's Talk Overhead Images

These are the overhead images used for a few of my talks. I'm sorry that I don't have more of them here. When I have time, I will add more.

To make an A4-paper-sized many-overheads-per-page version of a file XYZ.pdf, these commands may help:

  pdf2ps XYZ.{pdf,ps}
  psnup -b1cm -c -w20.99cm -h29.7cm -W29.7cm -H20.99cm -4{,-4up}

The -b1cm option reserves 1cm of blank space around each page. The -c option causes pages to be put into columns rather than rows. The -w20.99cm -h29.7cm options set the output paper size. The -W29.7cm -H20.99cm options set the input paper size. Notice that this swaps the horizontal and vertical paper sizes. The -4 option sets the number of virtual pages per real page.