CORE Materials

Status: Completed May 2010.


The rationale for this project is rooted in the partners’ commitment to sharing and promoting open learning resources and curricula content, as a means of enhancing the student learning experience in the subject of Materials.

The UK Centre for Materials Education (UKCME), as the Higher Education Subject Centre for the UK Materials community, has since its inception in 2000 developed strategies and collaborative partnerships for both creating and disseminating teaching and learning resources. We are aware of a great number of local learning resources, many of them in electronic form and many of them created following the stimulus of a small grant from UKCME. Electronic-based and online mechanisms have been a significant component of such resources. This proposal seeks to improve opportunities for learning by students / trainees and for teaching by academics / trainers. The project not only seeks to release openly for use and repurposing existing learning resources, but will also explore processes, issues and policies involved in the practices of releasing such content.

The following table summarises the project’s main 20 Characteristics (C20) of benefit to UK HE:

Principles of this project

Features of the resources

Other project attributes

  • Coherent set of open resources
  • Curriculum-based learning, with more than 360 credits accessible
  • Constructed taxonomy matrix
  • Collaborative development
  • Creative release of content
  • Contributions can be by all users
  • Culture-changing in HE sector
  • Continuation strategy, with models for project sustainability
  • Cutting-edge elements (bold and innovative)
  • Convenient (portability for users ensured)
  • Choice (flexibility of use)
  • Cleared for open release
  • Compliant (to IPR and IMS standards/protocols)
  • Creative Commons licence standards
  • Consortium of subject / discipline community
  • Commitment of partners
  • Capacity-building for the future, beyond this pilot
  • Critically appraised and evaluated outcomes
  • Case-studies of practices and lessons learned
  • Communications strategy

My Role

My duties for this project will include:


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