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Status: Completed May 2010


This project will make available teaching materials currently in use, under open licensing as open educational resources (OER).  The Engineering Subject Centre will work in partnership with a range of higher education (HE) engineering departments and professional bodies. The project will capture the technical, logistical and legal processes undertaken in both traditional and innovative ways to build expertise and provide guidance for future developments.
Partners will include HE institutions as well as further education (FE) institutions teaching at HE level in order to capture material encapsulating a broad range of teaching styles, educational settings and levels and will include resources for learners in the workplace.

The Engineering Subject Centre will use its well established networks and strong links with the professional bodies to ensure that the project will have the maximum impact. This project will establish and evaluate a process for releasing open educational resources and assess the demand with a view to embedding the work within the Subject Centre’s future plans. All materials processed will be given the highest possible profile by employing the latest “web 2.0” services such as YouTube, Delicious, Flickr etc. and standards compliant packaging methods to maximise easy reuse via the JorumOpen repository.

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