BSc Software Development for Business

Diana Bental

The BSc Software Development for Business is a Graduate Apprenticeship programme available in Edinburgh.

Programme Director: Dr Diana Bental

Programme Code: F211-SDB

For further information about course choices consult:

Year 1

Year Co-ordinator:
Dr Robert Stewart (Edinburgh)

Dr Rob Stewart
Semester 1 (Taught Courses)Semester 2 (Taught Courses)
F27SA Software Development 1F27SB Software Development 2
F27ID Introduction to Interaction DesignC17GE Enterprise and Business Environment (GA)
 All Academic Year (Work Based Learning Courses)
F27CX Introduction to Computer Systems (GA)
F27IX Industrial Praxis (GA)
F27IR Internet Technologies 1
 Semester 3 (Industrial Project Course)
 F27IP Industrial Project: Software Development Methods (GA)

Year 2

Year Co-ordinator:
Dr Phil Bartie (Edinburgh)

Dr Phil Bartie
Semester 1 (Taught Courses)Semester 2 (Taught Courses)
F28ED User-Centred Experimental DesignF28HS Hardware-Software Interface
F28SG Introduction to Data Structures & AlgorithmsF28DA Data Structures & Algorithms
All Academic Year (Work Based Learning Courses)
F28LL Programming Languages (GA)
F28DD Database Management Systems (GA)
F28SX Introduction to Software Engineering (GA)
F28IR Internet Technologies 2 (GA)

Year 3

Year Co-ordinator:
Dr Sasa Radomirovic (Edinburgh)

Sasa Radomirovic
Semester 1 (Taught Courses)Semester 2 (Taught Course)
F29AI Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent AgentsC38GA Accounting For Managers
All Academic Year (Work Based Learning Courses)
C18GO Operations Management
F29DS Digital Enterprise Services (GA)
F29NC Computer Networks and Communication (GA)
All Academic Year (Industrial Project Courses)
F29SY Software Engineering (GA)
F29RD Professional Development (GA)
F29IP Industrial Project: Software Quality

Year 4

Year Co-ordinator:
Professor Albert Burger (Edinburgh)

Albert Burger
Semester 1 (Taught Course)
F20CN Computer Network Security
Optional Courses (Choose 1)
C19GS Strategic Management
F20GA 3D Graphics & Animation
F20RO Intelligent Robotics
Semester 1 (Industrial Project Course)
F20PP Industrial Project: Research Methods and Requirements Engineering (GA)
All Academic Year (Work-Based Learning Courses)
F20MX Mobile Communications and Programming (GA)
F20DX Data Mining and Machine Learning (GA)
C19GP Project Management
 All Academic Year (Industrial Project Courses)
F20PQ Industrial Project: Design and Implementation (GA)
F20PR Industrial Project: Testing and Presentation (GA)