You could have a look at the list of lecturers of ESSLLI 2005.

Courses in the same slot are parallel, so you can only take one course of each slot.

F: Foundational

I: Introductory

A: Advanced

W: Workshop

First Week: 8 - 12th of August, 2005

Logic & Language Logic & Computation Language & Computation
09.00-10.30 I: Computational Aspects of Metaphor Processing (Veale). Details. Room:EM 3.06 F: Programming with Logic and Constraints (Bartak). Details. Room:EM 2.44 I: Transducers (Shieber). Details. Room:CM G.01
A: Evolution of Language (Eckardt). Details. Room:EM 3.36 I: Intuitionistic Logic (Bezhanishvili and de Jongh). Details. Room:EM 1.82 A: Computational pragmatics for face-to-face dialogue (Stone and Traum and Cassell). Details. Room:EM 1.27
Coffee Break - Short poster session (Monday)
11.00-12.30 I: Abstract Categorial Grammars (de Groote and Pogodalla). Details. Room:CM G.01 I: Integrating logic programs and connectionist systems (Hitzler and Hoelldobler and Bader). Details. Room:EM 1.27 F: Annotation of language resources: XML, TEI, OWL (Erjavec). Details. Room:EM 1.82
I: Experimental evidence for semantic theories (Rado). Details. Room:EM 2.44 A: Abduction and Deduction in Logic Programming for Access Control for Web Services (Koshutanski). Details. Room:EM 3.06 A: Grammars, Automata and Parsing (Johnson). Details. Room:EM 3.36
Lunch Break
14.00-15.30 I: Formal Ontology for Semanticists (Guarino and Vieu and Borgo). Details. Room:EM 2.44 A: The Logics of Consistent Query Answers in Databases (Bertossi). Details. Room:EM 1.27 I: CCG and Linguistic Diversity (Bozsahin and McConville). Details. Room:CM G.01
A: Logics of Conversation (Lascarides and Asher). Details. Room:EM 3.36   A: Retrieving Content and Structure (de Rijke and Kamps and Marx). Details. Room:EM 1.82
   W: Cross-modular approaches to ellipsis (Spenader and Hendriks). Details. Room:EM 3.06
Student Session (room EM 2.33)
On Friday 12, parallel session, invited talk (16.00-17.00, room EM 2.44):
Kevin Knight Unsupervised Analysis for Decipherment Problems
17.00-18.30 I: Probabilistic Approaches to Semantics (Cohen). Details. Room:EM 2.44 I: Logic-based information integration (Rosati and De Giacomo). Details. Room:CM G.01 I: Automatic Text Summarization: Past, Present, and Future (Saggion). Details. Room:EM 1.82
A: Type Selection and the Semantics of Local Context (Pustejovsky). Details. Room:EM 3.36   
W: Empirical Challenges and Analytical Alternatives to Strict Compositionality (Richter and Sailer). Details. Room:EM 3.06   
W: Discourse Domains and Information Structure (Umbach and von Heusinger). Details. Room:EM 1.27   

Second Week: 15 - 19th of August, 2005

Logic & Language Logic & Computation Language & Computation
09.00-10.30 F: Semantics and cognition: human reasoning in cognitive science (Stenning). Details. Room:EM 2.44 I: Practical Reasoning for the Semantic Web (Schlobach and Stuckenschmidt). Details. Room:EM 1.82 I: Focus and Prosodic Prominence (Calhoun and Jaeger). Details. Room:EM 3.06
A: Natural language semantic representations as types (Fernando). Details. Room:EM 3.36 A: Quantitative Logics for Time, Space, and Similarity (Wolter and Lutz and Zakharyaschev). Details. Room:EM 1.27 A: Evolutionary Games and Language (Jaeger and van Rooij). Details. Room:CM G.01
Coffee Break
11.00-12.30 I: Introduction to Metrical Theory (Alber). Details. Room:EM 3.06 I: Term Rewriting Systems (Baader). Details. Room:EM 1.27 F: Statistical data analysis using R, a system for statistical computation and graphics (Vasishth). Details. Room:CM G.01
A: Representation and Computation of Temporal Relations in NL (Hamm and Kamp). Details. Room:EM 2.44 A: Dynamic epistemic logic (van Ditmarsch and Kooi). Details. Room:EM 3.36 I: Computational Lexicography (Kunze and Lemnitzer). Details. Room:EM 1.82
Lunch Break
14.00-15.30 I: Genericity in natural language (Katz and Zamparelli). Details. Room:EM 1.82 I: Proof, Cut Elimination and Normalisation (Restall). Details. Room:EM 3.36 I: Introduction to Statistical Machine Translation (Callison-Burch and Koehn). Details. Room:CM G.01
A: Context shift in sign language (Zucchi). Details. Room:EM 3.06   A: Linguistic Treebanks and Data-Intensive Parsing (Kübler and Hinrichs). Details. Room:EM 1.27
W: Foundations of Natural-Language Grammar (Kempson and Morrill). Details. Room:EM 2.44   
Student Session (room EM 2.33)
17.00-18.30 F: Natural Language Semantics (Muskens). Details. Room:EM 2.44 A: Computational Analysis of Proofs (Baaz and Leitsch). Details. Room:EM 3.06 I: Finite-State Methods in NLP (Skut and Piskorski). Details. Room:CM G.01
W: Formal Semantics and Cross-Linguistic Data (Zwarts and de Hoop). Details. Room:EM 1.82 W: Belief revision and dynamic logic (Herzig and van Ditmarsch). Details. Room:EM 3.36 A: NLP for Multimedia Applications (Declerck and André). Details. Room:EM 1.27

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