MSc Network Security

Hani Ragab Hassen
Dr Manuel Maarek

Programme Director(s): Manuel Maarek (Edinburgh) and Hani Ragab Hassen (Dubai)

Programme Code: F2N3-CNS

This programme is available in  Edinburgh and Dubai

Programme Structure and Progression Rules

Computer Science Postgraduate Handbooks: (Edinburgh) | (Dubai)

Programme Structure

Semester 1 (Mandatory)Semester 2 (Mandatory)
F21CN Computer Network SecurityF21AN Advanced Network Security
F21RP Research Methods and Project Planning
 Semester 1 (Optional – choose 3)Semester 2 (Optional – choose 2)
F21DF Database and Information Systems (Dubai Only)F21AS Advanced Software Engineering
F21DL Data Mining and Machine LearningF21BD Big Data Management
F21SC Industrial Programming F21DP Distributed and Parallel Technologies (Edinburgh Only)
F21RS Rigorous Methods for Software Engineering*F21FO Digital Forensics (Dubai Only)
F21SF Software Engineering Foundations*C11PA Project Management
F29DC Data Communications and Networking
B31TF Sensors, Actuators and IoT

* In Edinburgh students may take either F21RS or F21SF but NOT both

Semester 3: F21MP Masters Project and Dissertation